Name: YZ
Location: New York, NY
Sample Track: Crewed Up: Atmosphere, Stage One, St. Paul Slim, Muja Messiah
About YZ

My name is YZ aka “The General”. I am the GM of Boss Up Inc. I am responsible for the daily operations and key development of our company. I am the personal manager of “Stic.Man“of Dead Prez, “Met Bronson“, “Sonny Bonoho“, Producer/Artist: Bobbie Fine and Producers: “King Midas” and “DJ Cozmos“.

Boss Up Inc. was founded by Stic.Man of Dead Prez. Boss Up Inc. provides a message of empowerment through music, media, merchandise and more.

Visit our website at for Dead Prez music, books, dvd’s, t-shirts, AMMO magazine and more.

I am also Managing Consultant for: Artist: “NY Oil”, Record Labels: Atlanta based “Relevant Conduct Ent.”, New Jersey based “Team Maverick/700 Block” and Los Angeles based “Theft Music”.

I am the creator/executive producer/host of the TV show “Comin’ at ya live” and the Internets 1st Hip-Hop talk radio show “The After Thought“. Visit us online at ,

I own Indie label “O.S.R. which I release personal projects. I will be releasing a new solo project entitled “Crazy” Spring 08.

I am featured on several LP’s at the present time:X-Clan’s “Return from Mecca” Atmospere’s “Strickly Leakage” and Zimbabwe Legit’s “House of Stone”.

YZ’s personal LP releases:

1. “Son’s of the Father”

2. “YZ EP”

3. “The Ghetto’s Been Good To Me”

4. YZ presents “The Legend of Floyd Jones”

5. “Crazy” Spring 08