Who is Cheri Dennis? (with interview)

Who is Cheri Dennis? (with interview)

Cheri Dennis feels like she is finally catching a break. Her 6th year in New York is putting her on the map like never before. Her interviews are featured in most major music magazines. She has performances all over the city, appearing with artists like Jae Millz at SOBs and Keysha Cole at Apollo. Her debut album hit the stores in June and with it brought her new video I love you, which features Jim Jones and Young Joc.

I sat down with Cheri after her latest performance at the Apollo Theater with Keysha. Her head was somewhat spinning being in the middle of a multi-city national tour. Still, she happily offered her time while the rest of her crew was eating and drinking in the dressing room after the show.

The interview wrapped up and Cheri shared: I gotta go see my sister perform. Keysha Cole just started her set downstairs and Cheri was on a tight schedule. Quickly swallowing a sandwich, she ran downstairs to look at Keysha on stage and minutes later was already outside. She spoke to a few fans on the streets and then got in the 2 black Suburbans with her girlfriends. With an early morning trip to the next stop on her tour, she barely had any time to spend with her girls after the show.

Somehow this busy lifestyle didnt seem to bother her at all. Cheris desire to spread the news about her leaves very little time.

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