Welcome back Mr. 106&Park (with Posta Boy interview)

Welcome back Mr. 106&Park (with Posta Boy interview)

Posta Boy’s story is nothing short of unique. No, he didn’t win the Grammyor went 3x Platinum. He overcame a deathly illness and came back from his near-death bed to rap again. He made a name for himself on 106 & Park before the show gained the present popularity. Getting into the Freestyle Friday Hall of Fame in 2001 he battled such MCs as Immortal Technique himself. Being the very first rapper to enter the show’s Hall of Fame, he solidified a place for himself as a skillful MC instantly.

Mr. 106 & Park is his new name and he’s moving forward as usual. Diagnosed with cancer he said goodbye to rapping and thought that his days were just about done. Fortunately, G-d had different plans for him. Beating the illness he not only bounced back to living. He came back living the way he was meant to live. Rap was not a gimmick or an alternative path for this man. It was his calling, his do or die mission in life.

Coming back to stage with a new mixtape and a video, he put on a phenomenal show in 2006 with Raekwon and Jae Millz, called Posta Boy and Friends. It’s 2007 and he is finishing up his new album, Live From the ER. In the mean time he is bringing his MC skills to the stage and gaining new fans on the constant.

Welcome back, Mr. 106 & Park. Serve us some good music. We hungry…

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