The immaculate freedom of the Freedom Party

When the search for a ‘dope beat to step to’ takes you to an odd Dumbo warehouse for an about to be shut down rave, or when you miss DJ Scratch’s cameo at club Stereo, or wonder why DJ Premier stopped doing his sets… heck, when you wish you could relive DJ Beverly Bond opening for Wu Tang, when in your head you hear the ‘What’s Going On’ yell and instantly think of Marvin Gaye, or when your unconventional taste in music helped you find Luciano Pavarotti on James Brown’s It’s a Man’s World, it is normal to feel, like your time has passed, and partying is just a memory you reach for, when daily bills and responsibilities get the best of you. When you pass your peers on the street without a smile, when young kids annoy you, when it seems, like ‘fairness’ is as old of a concept, as driving a Chevy Chevelle, and your time, money and energy go to just keeping you afloat in life, rarely bringing you joy, fret not.

There is a place for you. As a matter of fact, it has been there for 18 years, always ran by and brought to you by the same humble and probably too smart for his craft Herbert Holler. He let his affection for ELO and Diana Ross grow into love for Run DMC, without turning his back on the Dirty South, as Luda and others brought the Hip Hop party to just about every club in the country. Standing by the turntables on a stage, in front of always a packed club, Herbert doesn’t have the thick crew of other artists behind him. He walks around without bodyguards, videographers, or even closest friends. As a matter of fact, at his recent performance at the Apollo Theater he completely forgot to even snap a single selfie of himself. His parties are not about him. They are, and always have been, about his audience. The DJ himself disappears in his music, not just allowing it to enter his life, but becoming the music itself. He may seem lonely, standing in solitude and mixing tracks. The truth is the exact opposite: the songs he plays, the souls he touches, the smiles he causes, all make him one with the crowd.

You won’t find teens with fake IDs at his performances. It’s a grown folk party through and through. Haven’t done the Electric Slide in a while with dozens of others in unison? See Herbert. Prefer Diana Ross to Nicky Minaj? See Herbert. Feel, like Rakim is more talented, than Lil Nas X? See Herbert. The list goes on and on and on. You don’t need KRS-1 to remind you to learn your musical history to understand your musical present. You simply miss that 70s/80s/90s and beyond feel of being in love with your music. You miss it, but an oldies station shut down over a decade ago, and never really played dope party songs of your childhood anyway.

Enter Freedom Party NYC. 800+ events; performances at almost every NYC venue; residency at the Old Movie Theater, the Canal Room, and now Le Poisson Rouge; Snoop, John Legend, Blondie, and many more called Herbert their on-stage companion; numerous awards and recognitions; and just a dope time at every single one of the Freedom Party’s events over the last almost 2 decades made it the longest running NYC dance party.

Before the bottle service, rude bouncers, and clueless and greedy promoters ruined the NYC dance scene, one man had a dream and made it a reality. Making every person to step into a Freedom Party event feel, like it’s the best day they’ve had in ages, seems like an illusion without Meta or Oculus. It seems, like a pipe dream from the days long gone, for people, who almost forgot how to have fun. Almost being the key word, of course, as Freedom Party breaks the barriers and reminds all, that fun is the best medicine, and dancing nonstop for 4 hours doesn’t only belong to Kid ‘n Play’s House Party. If anything, Freedom Party becomes your house for a brief while, its visitors become your dear friends, and its dance floor becomes your living room.

Now continuously going in NYC and Philly, all it’s missing is you. The next one is at LPR on January 7th, just in time to shake off that post-holiday itis.