State Property is back in full effect

State Property is back in full effect

Rock-A-Fella familia suffered plenty, but if there was a single greatest victim, then Beanie Sigel certainly holds the prize. From rocking hard and making waves with Jay-Z in the late 90s and early 2000s his debut album went gold, clothing line took off and his own group, State Property, was dropping albums and gaining celebrity status.

Not for nothing, but it was a weapons charge that spoiled the plans for further advancement. Beanie saw himself behind bars and in shock witnessed his group members (except Oschino and Sparks) not even keeping in touch with him. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Dame Dash and Jay-Z went their separate ways, with all of the State Property members having to choose sides. While at first it seemed that Beanie went with Dash, that was a shirt-lived union.

So, bygones be bygones! If Nas managed to make peace with Mr. Carter, and even made him his boss, then there are no reasons why Beanie wouldn’t reconnect with his posse. At the end of the day it is a sign of a true leader when one is able to step over the petty details of the past and look into the future. Hence, the State Property reunion took place and brought them to New York.

On an early fall day Beanie Sigel brought his band with him to SOBs and as a bonus the sexy and talented Charlie Baltimore accompanied them. What’s new with the band? How did the changing times, Hip Hop drama, hurting record sales and a long break from the spotlight affect them? According to the main man in charge none of those things matter at this time.

“Man, we gonna give you the classic SP”, Beanie says, “that music that’s been missing in Hip Hop right now, we gonna bring it back.”

Seems like that was exactly what they did. The packed house and the ecstatic fans backed it up with Sigel, Freeway and the rest of the crew tearing it up and serving up just what they promised: that classic raw Hip Hop feel.

Dmitriy Goldin