Save Darfur with George Clinton (interview included)

Save Darfur with George Clinton (interview included)

Genocide. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines it as ‘the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group’. But how do you define an individual tragedy? How do you talk about the Holocaustof the WWII? How do you classify the tragedy in Darfur? Where do you find the words to describe millions of people in today’s day and age being misplaced away of their home to escape death? Part of the Central-African War, this region now represents one of the most publicized tragedies in the world. The United Nations seems that much more helpless now, as countless herds of people are migrating from a place to place and the death count keeps on climbing. Depending on what source you quote, anywhere from 200,000 to 400,000 people have died as a result of violence and illness. The U.N. estimates put it at 450,000. The United States described it as genocide. The U.N. accuses Sudanof orchestrating most of the violence. 355,000 or more people in the region are cut off from food and the overall death toll is climbing daily.

The conflict itself has been publicized over and over. May political, social and economic figures from all over the world have spoken about it. Every major humanitarian agency has been involved in trying to affect the situation. Unfortunately, not all efforts represent a straight forward positive assistance. The Gates Foundation, for example, donates millions of dollars to Sudanese refugees. However this money is made partially from the investments it makes in a company that funds Sudan’s military and Janjaweed militias. Both of those parties are responsible for the very conflict. Thus, the death, horror and destruction prevail. To no surprise, the USA armed forces are a bit preoccupied with trying to get out of a hole it has dug for itself. With no oil benefits and the whole world viewing this country as a big bully, being the greatest force behind the UN efforts since its inception, the United States of America is neglecting the Darfur tragedy. President Bush looked really good shaking hands with Minni Minnawi in 2006. What good was that agreement thou, if other perpetrators will not honor it? Hence the disaster goes on. Unlike the Bosniainvolvement of 1995, the current White House does not think that we need a military involvement in that region. President Clinton felt that the war in Bosnia “is killing the U.S. position of strength in the world.” George W. feels that there are other issues at stake.

The entire conflict is well documented and all information is described in great details here: Darfur Conflict. At this link you can find out about the causes, the history and the costs of the entire tragedy.

One of the local efforts to focus more attention on the situation in Darfur is an organization called Rock To Save Darfur. Using music, they gather various acts from different parts of the country to perform at their shows, gaining the much needed attention. One of their latest concerts featured The Prime Minister of Funk himself, George Clinton. Playing with 420 Funk Mob he made sure everyone had the usual jamming good time. beautiful energy floated in the concert hall all night. Peace, love and unity seemed to bring everyone together through this music. Warm smiling faces were seen all throughout, solidifying Funk music, George Clinton and the entire night as a complete success.

After the show he sat down with WORDSnTUNESand talked about social issues, funk music, his own childhood and some of the issues in this society manifesting locally and abroad.

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