Planet Ubiquity

Name: Planet Ubiquity
Location: New York, NY
Sample Track: U say U Tuff
About Planet Ubiquity


Ambassadors of the alternative NYC music scene, Planet Ubiquity (“Planet U”) is a band that blends emceeing, singing, spoken-word, string instruments, percussion and dancehall music into one enchanting sound. “–KYA Entertainment-. The umbrella of music that is reached at a Planet U experience ranges from Rock, to Traditional West African drumming, R&B, Jazz, Soul, Hip-hop, Soca and Roots Reggae music. Adrian Kamwell ( described Planet Ubiquity as a “band of all-stars”. “Hailing from Brooklyn they are a band with a big sound infusing Rock, hip-hop, and R&B”. Every member in this “all-star band” was born and bred in the culture saturated streets of New York City. Everything from the walk to the bodega (corner store) in the Bronx, interactions with sophisticated ladies on Wall Street, and the taste of slat fish and bake on Eastern parkway during the caribbean day parade is reflected and felt in planet U’s music. Most of the members of Planet Ubiquity met though another New York City tradition of West African drumming in dance classes. Ironically, besides their main instruments, Kulture, Shaun, Phearnone, and Shelton all were skilled in West African drumming. The link to Planet U’s heavy rock influence comes from the kinship between Shelton and Lenny who joined forces in several rock bands together and followed the tradition of rock legends like Jimi Hendrix. Shelton also brings a strong Roots vibe to Planet U. Planet Ubiquity has been featured in Shades Magazine, RapFanatic Magazine, Radio, Sirius Radio “Hip-Hop Nation”, radio, mentioned several times on WQHT’s Hot 97 morning show w/ Miss Jones, Center Stage TV, The Veronica Kit T.V. Show, and Mass Media Boston. Planet Ubiquity has shared the stage with Common, Talib Kweli, Lauryn Hill, Q-tip, Black Moon, Gregory Isaacs, Jaguar Wright, Imani Izzure, TL Cross, Queen Godis, Bilal, Lost Boyz, Busta Rhymes, and Jeru “The Damager”. These five alone and together have preformed in over 100 different colleges, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Brooklyn Street Festival, Black August, The Kennedy Center, S.O.Bs, BB Kings, and CBGBs to name a few. Planet Ubiquity’s mission is to create a higher platform of music using old and new genres, while providing a positive message out of realistic issues such as politics, relationships, and urban life. Planet Ubiquity’s music represents a breadth of genres and cultures. If you are lucky enough to catch them on planet Earth you will experience a wonderful musical invasion on the ears, mind, heart and soul.


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