Nokia Theatre Times Square

Nokia Theatre Times Square

Nokia Theatre Times Square: the over 2000 fan venue may not have the intimacy of a village spot, but it makes up in just about everything else. Located right in the heart of Times Square, this is the newest addition to the NY family of concert halls. Don’t be fooled thou. It has all the latest technology, an amazing sound system, a phenomenally conveniently equipped backstage. Yet, it also has an unprecedented feel of a place worthy of true excitement. In less than a year, Nokia Theatre Times Square has already had just about every commercial figure on stage, even putting MSG to shame. Plus your tickets won’t cost as much. From Akon to Wu-Tang, from Keyshia Cole and John Legend to Common to Mobb Deep, this theater has had it all. For all of you old school fans, they also got Rakim performing there next month.

Nokia Theatre Times Square brings entertainment’s hottest performers to New York’s most famous destination. The 2100-capacity concert venue is developed and operated by AEG LIVE, the nation’s second largest concert promotion and touring company. Centrally located in the heart of Times Square, Nokia Theatre Times Square is an innovative, multi-use theatre that can be transformed to accommodate a wide array of events including live television and web broadcasts, live recordings, award shows and cocktail receptions. More information and a list of upcoming shows at Nokia Theatre Times Square is available at

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