Mobb Deep’s making more moves than ever (with Prodigy interview)

Mobb Deep’s making more moves than ever (with Prodigy interview)

Mobb Deep never changed. Making good music and reflecting on what the streets are all about has always been their game. Prodigy and Havoc are hard at work as always and there ain’t nothing stopping them from moving forward. Signing with G-Unitdidn’t change them. It gave them a better home base and put some more money in their pockets, but hey, who’ll turn that down? 15 years (yes, believe that!) of going strong and they still got new tricks up their sleeve on the constant.

Maybe you all forgot who this is. This is the same group that made street music cool and fun and still reflected on the troubles of the hood better than anyone. It was never about flossin’ or frontin’. Yeah, some shine is definitely due, but at the end of the day you know you got a true artist who welcomes fans more than money.

Shook Ones Part II, Hell on Earth, Quite Storm, Getaway and a bunch of others have become rap classics in any Hip Hop fan’s collection long ago. 50 Cent gave the QB group some more ammunition, but getting this started was just as much a good thing for him as it was for P and Hav. Rumors spread that there is tension now between Mobb and 50, but that’s what bloggers thrive on: rumors.

So what’s new with Mobb Deep’s music? Everything and yet it’s all the same. Still making great music, still experimenting with sounds and lyrics and making constant moves. Some may have though that Blood Money wasn’t up the par? All you did was piss Prodigy off. P holds nothing back. “That type of fan to me is idiot,” he says to WORDSnTUNES. OK, so you may be a selective MD fan. Prodigy just dropped one of the broodiest mixtapes ever, Return of the Mac. Remember that Mark Morrison classic? Well, he remixed it, put 13 more songs together with it and got all the music done by Alchemiston it. This was the first mixtape he ever did without Hav. Feeling bad for Havoc? He’s coming out with his own album this year, Kush. Or yeah, and P ain’t exactly done for the year either. He’s about to drop another mixtape, H.N.I.C. 2, a follow up to his 2000 release. Plus Mobb Deep is working on a new album, Two Years Richer. So it don’t matter what kind of a Mobb Deep fan you are, whatever you got in mind, they got something for you.

Kneel down and respect the artist! After so many years, they are working harder than most newbies. They also were the first rap group EVER to do a show in India. Variety is key to their game and catchy hooks, memorable beats and overall solid music have always been on their menu.

In the interview with WORDSnTUNES, Prodigy talks about his goals, relationship with music in general and 50 specifically and about his new moves.

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