Lord Finesse’s birthday party (all of NY Hip Hop’s finest present)

Lord Finesse’s birthday party (all of NY Hip Hop’s finest present)

Lord Finesse. The name of this man has a special meaning to every true New York Hip Hop fan. Besides his skills he brings history and in-depth knowledge of every faucet of rap music and the Hip Hop nation. When people say ‘Know your roots’, they mean know who people like Lord Finesse. An avid rapper, an accomplished producer and a demanded DJ, Nesse’s skills can not be measured by his album sales. There’s a lot more to this man then a number 1 hit on the charts. A devoted music professional with a thorough understanding of the Hip Hop culture, he’s done much more for rap music than your present Billboard winners.

Enriching the world of music, Lord Finesse has been working with music for close to 20 years. Making a name for himself with his first album, Funky Technician, he made an instant entry into the game. Signed to Wild Pitch Records at the time, he worked with Gangstar and the now infamous DJ Premier, O.C., Diamond D. and more. Even Dr. Dre did a track on that album. Soon after, Nesse became the head of the legendary D.I.T.C. (Digging In the Crates). The group had O.C., Fat Joe, Showbiz, A.G., Diamond D., Buckwild and the now notorious Big L. one of the significant things he did was finding Big L. in a record store and giving the world a chance to get to know this memorable and uniquely talented MC/lyricist. Later Lord Finesse went on to put out albums with KRS-1, MC Lyte, Kid Capri, Sadat X, Grand Puba, Large Professor and more.

He is currently working on a new album with DJ Premier, scheduled to release later this year. He’s also been doing production work on other artists’ albums like Dr. Dre. He is currently touring, primarily in Europe, as a DJ and frequently hosts events at home in NYC.

Being current and being popular is not an easy thing to do after being in the game for 2 decades. For all those unsure of what to expect from Nesse on this front, check out the details of his latest party in New York. Lord Finesse put on a birthday party at Irving Plaza, selling out the place and bringing on stage the absolute legends of NY Hip Hop. Hosted by Chuck D. of Public Enemy, this party was a pleasant eye for the sour eyes of a true Hip Hop devotee.

The roster of people on stage was growing at an almost geometrical proportion during the show. Black Sheep, Das FX, DJ Premier, Freddy Foxx, Grand Puba, Jazzy J, Joell Ortiz, Grandmaster Melle Mel, Grandmaster Caz, Nice & Smooth, O.C., SWAY, Awesome 2, TLA Rock, Immortal Technique, Alchemist, Pharoah Munch and more, all came to show support to this legend and to perform.

After the evenet, Lord Finesse shared his thoughts on the state of Hip Hop, talked about Big L. and made some wishes for Hip Hop and himself in the interview with WORDSnTUNES.

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