Interview with The Clipse

Interview with The Clipse

You are a part of this country-wide tour. Where do you enjoy the crowd the most?

I enjoy the part the most that The Clipse, we’re not one of those groups that get a lot of radio play and a lot of video play. So our fans they really support us, they really got our back. These are just the people that have been following the movement, following the music, so its good to come out here and be a part of it and be with our fans one on one.

Your last album did not perform very well with the public. Were you yourselves happy with it?

Yeah, 100%. That’s the one thing that we have total faith in. we have faith in G-d and faith in the product that we put out. So once we feel that we’ve put our best foot forward the rest is in the hands of promotion. You just gotta hope for the best with that. But you know music became not what it used to be and sales are not the same as what they used to be for anybody.

Your first album was more upbeat and the second one darker. Which one do you feel expresses you better?

Just depend on the time of life I’m in. like the first album represented what we were feeling like, our attitudes at the time. And the second album accounts for our feelings, emotions, attitudes, you know what I’m saying? That’s how we feel.

You had significant issues with Jive. In your opinion, what should a label’s role be in an artist’s life?

I think a label’s role in an artist life should be to understand the artist, understand the movement, understand what it is that the streets see, the people see, the fans see. And embrace it and take to the next level.

Do you feel like you have lost a certain advantage having to separate from Star Trak (Pharell)?

Not at all. I don’t feel like we lost an advantage. We didn’t leave Star Trak. If it was our way we’d be on it right now. Neptunes did our whole album top to bottom. And the lyrics they’ll always speak for themselves, so you know no disadvantage. So I feel.

What is your relationship like with Pharell nowadays?

It’s very good. We don’t have much in the works right this moment but I’m sure we gonna collaborate and try to take The Clipse to the next stage.

Do you enjoy the mixtape world more or the studio albums?

I like both. And I love having the mixtape fans, how they support us and not only say the word but say it with a lot of passion.

What’s the next move for you (new label or just distribution)?

Definitely the next move will be the Re-Up Gang records. We gonna find a home for The Clipse. Find a home for Re-Up Gang and just move forward and put out [good Hip Hop music]. That’s what we do. Everythiung is tentative. In this business you learn not to speak too soon. But definitely The Clipse is up and running and just looking forward to that next big merger.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Yeah. Thanks for the fans for supporting us. Thanks for Seagram’s Live for having us. Seagram’s always stays in touch with the people, with the fans and it’s good that they would have us out here on such an occasion, having a good time.