Interview with Sean Price

Interview with Sean Price

First of all, Congrats on the new album.

90’s legends failed to prove its longevity. What’s new with Boot Camp Click?

We work on our craft. 90’s signed a lot of bulls— rappers. Those of us who remain are the true thing. I don’t mean to diss anyone, but we have stayed. We work on our albums.

From Ghostface to Mobb Deep, even the 4 time Platinum DMX produced low album sales. At the same time Rhianna, Beyoncee and Chris Brown are selling. Is New York in its R&B/pop stage right now?

Rap is corny now. So people listen to other music. I mean, what you hear out there… they’ve got reggaeton, this new R&B… I’m not impressed with rap right now.

Are you bringing the old school back or starting something new?

I’m doing both. I’ll always be me, but with an update. All things change and we’ve also upgraded.

Lyrical East coast and gansta West coast gave way to Southern mentality of having fun. Is the average listener not ready to think nowadays or is the message just lost?

It’s a little bit of both. People need to go back and listen to the real Hip Hop. There are people out there who just want to feed this bulls—. Not BCC. We don’t do that.

How much longer do you plan on staying in the game?

I’ll keep on rapping as long as I can. This is my life and there’s no reason for me to stop.