Interview with Ninjaman

Interview with Ninjaman

With all the changes in reggae, what does reggae mean to you?

Reggae to me? It’s my second mother, you know. Reggae brought me from nothing and made me to a real big star where people recognize me as someone important. And I can [use it to] speak about the things that are ignored.

How do you think the messages in reggae changed in today’s music?

Well, message did not change much but some of them do not do it for the message. Some of them do it for the craft. You understand. So start work again and focus on what is right and second time around you’ll see it.

After so many years what inspires you to do good music?

The responsibility of my friends and my people, you know? You understand me. And my wife and me kids they keep me going on. And on the real music is my work and it get me going on. You understand.

What do you think is the key to making reggae music more popular in the US?

We need to empathize reggae music more to get it to a wider level. It need more skill so people can see it and recognize it as it be.

Do you plan on doing any collaboration work with Hip Hop artists?

Let me tell you this, I am not the man of the future. G-d is in charge of my destiny and will set out my plans to be. So what G-d says is where I do.

Are you more spiritual with your music now?

I’m spiritual everywhere, you know. In every part of my life I am spiritual first. Even my job I am spiritual. Yeah, man.

What would you like to say to your fans here in the US?

All I want to say is keep on seeking the mount of Zion and all will be onto you. Love G-d and live life. One G-d, one love, one aim, one destiny. Bless