Interview with Miss New York

Interview with Miss New York
What’s going on with you, how would you define the moment you are in right now?

The moment I am in right now is just fabulous. I’m in my fabulous zone, my season is completed. I’m in a great space, great state of mind and I am in my zone!

You represent new school yourself, how do you feel about being here with so many old school artists?

New York got a little bit of both. I just love to combine them both, old school and new school.

You carry the legendary name of New York in your name, how does tat make you feel?

I definitely feel like I am carrying the torch. New York gave me a lot. I love this place and I will always rock that name. I am proud to have such a strong name.

What’s going on with you now?

Right now I just wanna let everybody know, so please, please, please… well, I don’t have to beg, you guys love me already… I Love New York premiers tomorrow night at 9 on VH1 and I just want a lot of people to watch, because I have a lot of people that support me on my journey to find the true love and I just want them to continue.

What advise would you give to guys out there about getting a girl like you?

Best advise I can give a man is just be very confident, know who he is as an individual and no matter what a woman will always respect that quality no matter what he does, drive bus or he’s a garbage man. It’s just a beautiful thing if you know who you are as an individual.

What about advise for girls who want to be sexy like you?

I happen to believe that sexy is in the eyes of the beholder. A lot of people think that I am sexy, a lot of people think that I am ugly and trashy. But you know what, New York is always sexy baby, ‘cause I’m all about my sex appeal, I’m all about myself.