Interview with Melle Mel

Interview with Melle Mel

Melle Mel, the original MC. First question, what do you think of MC skills out there now?

You got a few guys that really got some skills but for the most part they just here to get paid and they abandoned microphone skills a long time ago.

In Furious 5 the DJ became more famous than you and now producers/DJs tend to get more popularity in general. Do you think this is wrong or is music more important than lyrics nowadays?

No, I mean, there is a standard as far as what cats wanna hear, but at the end of the day [it’s a balance between the 2].

You got an album coming out now. How did you make it, the old school way or did you change it up?

I’m just trying to do music. There is no such thing as old school and new school music. Music is all the same. Everybody is all the same. We just wanna make good music and that’s what we’re trying to be. Just make good music.

What do you talk about today in your songs?

Same thing as before, just our energy will be more on. That’s the difference between the music.

So what’s the image of Melle Mel today?

Melle Mel is just a big old guy. I’m 46 and I still look better than anybody you see. That’s how I am, just feel good, look good and [make music].

If people wanna know more about you, where do they go?

We got our MySpace page and website