Interview with Marsha Ambrosius

Interview with Marsha Ambrosius

Do you feel like you do better work as a part of Floetry or solo?

Solo branding is first to me right now. I’m in the moment of being excited about it, so there’s no comparison to things that are already done. I’m looking forward to what’s gonna be and enjoying the moment, just be me right now.

You are known for your lyricism. Do you enjoy writing or performing more?

They go hand-in-hand. What I enjoy is writing the song and then getting on stage and delivering it to the people and have them sing it back to me (laughs). The beauty of lyricism is delivering your word to the point where you feel it and everyone feels it. Just happy joyful singing together.

You are signed with Aftermath, label better known for rap music, less R&B. How do you feel you fit in there?

That’s the thing. With Dr. Dre, he takes people he feels are extremely creative with the ability to create their own empire. I think within me he saw that I am a lyricist, I can write, I can produce, I am more than just a solo artist. I think he definitely saw it in me and it doesn’t matter if it’s rap/Hip Hop, Soul, R&B, whatever it is it’s just music. I think he saw the talent in me and that’s why the deal came about.

Did going solo cause any tension with c?

From my standpoint, definitely no tension. However, I think it was very very necessary for us to pursue what we want to do as grown women. In our own time. So respectfully we gave it to each other, that space to do what has been offered. Right now my offer was Dr. Dre and a solo deal, so I’m going with it.

Will you have Natalie on the new album?

I think so. If it is a possibility I definitely think so.

Do you feel closer to the US or British thought process as far as your music is concerned?

I have the best of both worlds, only because the world is completely overcome with USA. Like I’ve been completely infatuated with the lifestyle in America since I was a kid and I grew up on Duran Duran, Sting, Queen and everything else under the sun, so it was British and American for me. I think I got both, which is cool.

You’ve done colab work with conscious artists before, like Mos Def and Common, artists representing the streets like Styles P. and club music makers like Game and Busta. What should we expect from your new album?

Ohh. That would be telling. I hope I can leave an element of surprise on my album. The approach will be anyone who can create a world within a song. When you hear it – you see it. You can smell it, feel it. That’s what I want to create. Whomever can do it on this album, I’m down with it.

A lot of R&B music has gone rather pop lately. What are your thoughts on the matter?

I think just the songs that you hear are pop. The songs that you hear again and again on the radio that becomes pop music. That’s just popular music. So the people who are really listening, who go to the local jazz quartet clubs, who were just playing random music one day and they feel that… that’s still available. Its just not as plain. There’s an emergence in bringing back that true sound, that soul. You got Emily King, you got Chrisette Michelle, all these females that are just stepping out and being extremely creative. It’s refreshing to see that and I am happy to be a part of that.

You are signed to the label of one of the greatest producers, Dr. Dre. How important are music and beats to you vs the lyrical part?

Dre is so distinct it’s hard not to recognize that sound. It almost makes what the song will be, what the lyrics will be. It comes on and you know what it is. It’s that head nod and you feel it and I think they go hand-in-hand. With me signing over there and creating music over there it became like a music marriage.

Do you feel that you would be moving away from your R&B style more toward the Hip Hop music?

Not necessarily. Hip Hop and Soul have been blended for many years on so many levels. Like it’s a song hook and rapping versus. So it’s nothing new. No. they go perfectly together. They are one, no different.

What are your immediate plans on US performances?

I’m actually going to LA tomorrow. I’m doing a performsance over there. Getting together a promo tour, probably do 13 major cities at about end of May. Do the tour and work with CDs and radio, get everyone involved like that. Soon, soon, soon…

What is the best way for people to know about your music, events and news?

MySpace. How funny is that? or you can go to any of my top friends, they know everything that I’m doing before I know what I’m doing.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

I love music! I love music, I live music, I breathe music and am happy to be making it and more than happy that I have people who are willing to listen to me.