Interview with Lisa Lisa

Interview with Lisa Lisa

How does it make you feel bringing the music of yesterday into today and rocking the crowd?

First of all the crowd was amazing. That’s what I’m always looking for, to please the audience and get that energy. The audience loved us because we’re all from the same time, we are all Hip Hop. It was a time when everybody was able to connect and have a good time. It was about a good time. Talking about memories, it was the same people I talked to back in the day.

If you were to compare performing 10 years ago to now, what do you feel changed?

Myself, personally, today I’m very happy, I’m blessed. I’m very proud because I know what it takes to keep an audience, a fan base, and to stay alive in this business is so hard. Just the love from the audience and the love that I have for what I do, my music, my singing, that alone makes me happy. The fact that they invited me tonight in New York, my home town, to do this on stage, it’s great. So it’s better today than yesterday.

How much do you tour nowadays?

I never stopped performing in 28 years. I’m on tour every week and away 9 to 10 months out of the year. So I’m out there, I’m still doing my thing.

Do you have new material or do you perform the classics?

Yes, I have new material now. First single will hopefully be released in June. Just finished an album, it’s being mastered. Fans will be surprised. They gonna get the old school flavor but it’ll be up to date. The album will be released at the same time in June. So, Lisa is back.

Where should people go to get information about your tour dates and so on?

Go out to my MySpace. It’s, that is the official website of Lisa Lisa. Go there and you’ll find anything that you need.

Anything you’d like to add?

Thank you for keeping me out there. Bless you all.