Interview with LES

Interview with LES

You’ve done a lot of production work and also rap. What is your main focus at this point?

Really it’s always the production. The music is what keeps me going, you know?

Your Latin roots show themselves in your music. Does it come naturally or do you say ‘Now I will put some of my Latin roots into music’?

I try to throw a little Latin in everything that I do. A little bit, not too much, you know? I don’t want to loose the crowd either. Its just natural, it’s a part of me. I mean when I sit down I don’t sit down to do no Spanish shit, I’m doing Hip Hop. Straight, street, American Hip Hop, you know? That’s all I do. Whatever, I’ll throw some words in there.

What are your thoughts on Joel Ortiz, another NY Latin artist?

He’s cool. Right now we’re not thinking colabos or nothing. We’re just doing our own thing. He don’t need our colabo anyway, he’s doing it big. I don’t do colabos with superstars, I just do it with up-in-comers. If you’re already major I’m not gonna do shit with you.

You own album Psycho Therapy, what is that release about?

Therapy. Just good Hip Hop shit. Just some good music, beats, words, you know. Good fun music you can play in your house. It’s some Beatnuts’ shit. It’s in stores. You can find it anywhere. , you can pick it up there. Whatever. Any store you want. The Beatnuts’ album we’ll drop single this year and the album next year.

Being from Queens, do you have any current allegiances?

Nah, we rep everybody. We get along with everybody, everything is cool. I don’t like to separate nobody.

Queens is no longer the borough of MC Shan and Marley Marl, it’s now mostly associated with G Unit. Are you happy that they put Queens on the map again with their popularity or unhappy that they project overly negative imagery?

Its all good. I think its all good. All good artists come from Queens anyway. All good music is from Queens. From the beginning. It’s only right. It’s all good. No problem with me.

So you don’t think that ‘the bridge is over’?

Nah. Never! Crazy? Queens is coming back again in a minute.

What are your thought on KRS being on TV with 50 Cent? Did he ‘sell out’ or made a good move trying to appeal to a wider younger audience?

Definitely a good thing. I don’t think its wack. Anytime you on the air or anything, you’re spreading your shit around, you’re being heard, that’s good. [The more commercial stations] do what they do. It’s their job to make money. Commercial is for kids, they spreading music. For your car, for kids, they just doing what they do. It’s all good. MTV, whatever. Hopefully they gonna show love to some Beatnuts shit but it’s all good.

At this point, what would you say is the main message of your group?

Good Hip Hop. Good beats, good rhymes. Take it back, good party songs, good classic songs that you gonna hear like 2, 3 years later and be like ‘Damn, this beat is crazy’. This shit drop you gonna hear stories about that shit. That’s what it’s about. Our music got soul and got rhythm. A lot of this music is hollow that I’m hearing now. It sounds loud but it’s not really saying nothing. To me I’d rather be saying something. I’m trying to bring back the music. I’m not trying to hate on nobody. Everybody is doing what they gotta do. I got all these dudes that I’m bringing out. Imma be introducing them on the album, that’s what I do. I’ve been doing that for a while, on every record and on my label.