Interview with Consequence

Interview with Consequence

Consequence shared some of his opinions and visions after the show too:

A lot of people are familiar with your work with Tribe, but what is Consequence the artist about?

I’m doing Hip Hop on a higher level, focusing on song writing. I’m taking Hip Hop to where it should be.

Where should it be?

It should be more dominant. There is rap out there and there is Hip Hop. A lot of rap is just like pop music. Hip Hop is more than that it’s a special feeling. Look at some of the true classics out there, that’s Hip Hop. Rakim, Nas, Mobb Deep. They had messages in their music. Public Enemy had a musical genre. So did NWA. Now most moves are all calculated. It’s different out there.

What is the message in your music?

I am putting out an album called Don’t Quit Your Day Job. It’s a dreamer’s album. It’s for those people out there who want to be artists but they have to work to make money. So they go to the studio at night, they make their moves whenever they have any free time. It’s an inspirational album. That’s why I called it Don’t Quit Your Day Job.

What made you who you are as an artist? Was it your background or the music itself?

I’m from Queens. I do my music as I know. It’s based on life experiences of course, where I’ve been, the emotions I go through. But music is universal.

What is the state of Hip Hop now in your opinion?

It still grows, still evolving. The commercial element has always been there, but a lot of people got too comfortable out there, too lazy.

What’s next for you?

My album drops February 6th. It’s under SONY/Columbia. I’m also doing a tour with John Legend before that.