Interview with Chrisette Michelle

Interview with Chrisette Michelle
You entered the music scene with appearances on Jay-Z’ and Nas’ albums last year. What have you been up to today?

I am getting into acting. I am on Girlfriends TV show, which is my favorite TV show. My single Be OK is coming out right now also.

You are still focusing on music thou?

Well, the industry is real tough but I think I’ll stick it out for a little while for now.

The music is your real love thou, right?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I guess.

That’s what you’ve been talking about as your dream…

Yeah (sighs), it’s my dream. I’m having a good time and I’m working really hard.

You always keep a very close connection with your family too?

My mom and my little brother are around here.

What should we expect from you next?

That single Be OK is coming out this month, I’m excited about that. We’re shooting a video, that’ll be a lot of fun. You’ll be able to se me dance for the first time.

Is there anything to add to that?

To my ladies I jus want to say: get a job, support yourself all the way to the top, I love ya all.

How is your relationship with Jay and Nas now?

You know what? They are very involved in my everyday, Jay-Z is very supportive of me now.