Apollo Theater

Name: Apollo Theater

253 West 125th Street

Between Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. & Frederick Douglass

New York, NY

About Apollo Theater

The history of this magnificent theater really makes it more of a historic monument rather than a venue. Still, it not only features performances from major artists but also keeps at its main mission: spreading African and African-American culture. Just in the past year Apollo Theater has shows by the widest spectrum of singers, from legends like Aretha Franklin to the newer R&B sensations Fantasia or Hip Hop star T.I. At the same time Apollo Amateur Night is in effect every Wednesday and it’s just silly to list all the music stars who got their start by performing at Apollo, from Billy Holiday to Michael Jackson.


The theater itself may be old, being built in 1914, but it definitely does not feel less than a state of the art music hall. It has the glamour and prestige of Carnegie Hall in its genre, the swank and flavor of being on 125 street, in the heart of Harlem, and offers an unmatched collage of artistry.


Just about every show you will get to see there will be an unforgettable experience. The theater’s slogan “Where Stars are Born and Legends are Made” is nothing short of an understatement.

253 West 125th Street
Between Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd & Frederick Douglass Blvd.
(also known as 7th Avenue & 8th Avenue )

New York, New York, USA 10027

Telephone: (212) 531-5300

Fax: (212) 749-2743