WORDSnTUNES is a New York urban life portal. We deliver coverage from various music shows, Broadway plays, sporting events, significant social and political occurrences and more.
We also have an extensive modeling section and provide a platform for artists to reach their fans.

Dmitriy Goldin is the President and Editor-in-Chief of WORDSnTUNES.

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Facts about WORDSnTUNES:
1. Global Coverage: Frequented by visitors all over the world, with New York, California and France bringing the most hits.
2. New visitors: Thousands of unique visitors weekly
3. Attractive interface and useful exclusive info: Almost half the visitors look through the rest of the site, besides the initial page of interest, staying on the site an average of 8 minutes
4. High search engine ranking: most visitors are brought in my major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, others)
5. Variety of content: show reviews; artist interviews; new and old school artists; models; schedule of events; fun places to visit and much more attract all sorts of visitors.

Here is a typical week for the site:

About this site:
The roots of any culture lie in its history. The culture of music is no different. With all the positive and some negative changes in music nowadays it is important to know where we are and how we got here. The main mission of WORDSnTUNES is to display both. We always reflect on the old school of music but also constantly talk of the new artists, new and undergoing music. Above and beyond we always provide a lot of information and background on artists and music in general.

WORDSnTUNES focuses on live events. We will review music shows, Broadway plays, sporting events, various social and political occurrences, talk about the lives and the history of artists, include interviews with them and provide photos from their time on stage and backstage.

WORDSnTUNES mostly focuses on artists’ point of view and tries to reflect artists’ opinion as closely as possible. Almost all of interviews we do are done in-person and generally at their shows. We do not avoid the commercial angle, we just want people to have an accurate understand of what different artists truly represent.

WORDSnTUNES has a strong roster of various shows covered and artists interviewed. Artists interviewed range from commercially acclaimed performers like Nas and Lupe Fiasco to old school legends like Rakim and Chuck D. to everyone’s favorite Wu-Tang members and much more. R&B artists are also covered with interviews from Genuwine, Mya, Monica, Lloyd and more. Reggae artists include Junior Reid, Family Man (Wailers) and others. Even out-of-towners like Cypress Hill, Chamillionare, Obie Trice and others will get reviewed and interviewed, as long as they do a show in NY.

Besides providing publicity for well-known artists, WORDSnTUNES also provides marketing for upcoming artists. Reaching the larger audience to let them know of a new act is not an easy task. WORDSnTUNES is here to help.

WNT Divas section is filled with the up-in-coming tri-state area-based models, interested in working within the world of urban music. Whether you are there just to enjoy the site of these beautiful ladies or are interested in using their services for a music video, commercial materials or else, this is a fun and useful section.

WORDSnTUNES takes photos at all shows reviewed. Not only will you see the artists on stage, but also backstage and at times photos from their leisure lives.

OUT in NYC features various places in NYC where you can go to find great live music and places popular or of interest to WORDSnTUNES readers.

Lastly, WORDSnTUNES keeps you informed of almost all notable Hip Hop and R&B shows in NYC. Here you will find information on concert dates, artists line-up and more.

Publicity services for artists and models from WORDSnTUNES:

WORDSnTUNES offers a range of services for models and upcoming artists to help you get proper representation in the world of entertainment. Your craft is making music or walking a catwalk but it’s not presenting yourself to the people in the industry. That is what we’ll do. Next time someone contacts you in regards to booking, an audition/casting or just with a general question, direct them to your publicist, WORDSnTUNES. We’ll forward your info to them, answer basic questions, help with marketing, advertise your events and overall represent you professionally and efficiently.

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