Why do you love Alicia Keys?

Why do you love Alicia Keys?

Alicia Keys has traveled a rather unique path. She was always everybody’s favorite singer and yet managed to remain herself despite the commercial acclaim. Unwilling to sing about anything but love and peace she truly broke the mold. There are no signs of fast and easy life in her music or the promiscuous behavior or the cheap sex epithets.

Growing up in Hell’s Kitchen this stunning mulato played classical music. Unwilling to get the Ivy-League education she was offered at Columbia University she began doing work with Jermaine Dupri, making songs for soundtracks of top-selling Hollywood flicks and that was just the beginning. Her first album, Songs in A Minor, sold 12 million copies. Her second, The Diary of Alicia Keys, sold 9 million. Even her Unplugged album went Platinum.

Her latest release, As I Am, sold 742,000 in first week alone and managed to sustain it’s selling power by selling almost 3 ¼ million copies in 2007 alone. That was especially incredible, considering the fact that she didn’t drop the album until November of 07. She outdid just about every other R&B singer, from Beyoncee to, hmm… Rihanna. Even her remake of Black Eyed Peas’ song became a bigger hit than BEP’s.

Her Hollywood career includes 2 films in 2007 and one more set to be released in 2008. She is also a philanthropist, fighting against the AIDS epidemic in the world and inspiring kids to grow into successful adults. She even performed in the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in 2007.

That is not even counting the fact that Alicia Keys is widely recognized as one of the most beautiful women in music. She looks hotter than any video vixen in a music video, while exuding class. She comes across more gorgeous than any model at a benefit, while focusing on her words and music. She is strikingly beautiful walking the red carpet and never stops smiling, giving love and peace only. She drives her fans crazy, staying single, but also preventing the unnecessary and impossible to avoid rumors.

There is something about Alicia Keys that takes your breath away and it’s generally not just one thing. Her music, her heart and her beauty all get a lot of attention and while extremely publicized are more than deserving of attention.

The only question matters: why do YOU love Alicia Keys?



Dmitriy Goldin