What your definition of Classic is: DJ Premier (with interview)

What your definition of Classic is: DJ Premier (with interview)

Describing DJ Premier is absolutely impossible. His incredible work ethic, magical skill, intuitive understanding of the good sound and decades of experience speak for themselves. More than that they speak and illustrate this live relic of music much better than any reporter could. His dedication to music and support for the true and authentic sound of ‘real Hip Hop’ is unmatched by anyone else. While in the interview with WORDSnTUNES he somewhat equates himself to Dr. Dre he truly stands alone in his spotlight. Besides the fact that he doesn’t drop 1 record in a decade (Chronic in ’92, 2001 in ’99, Detox in ?) his work goes beyond just Hip Hop music. He is one of the busiest producer/DJs ever, working every day on a new record, plus doing well over a 100 DJ sessions per year.

Working with everyone from Jay-Z (well, back in the day) to Christina Aguilera he really puts no limits on what he can do. He has no rules other than making dope music. He writes from scratch, samples, plays with his own and other beats and most importantly he has a unique and certainly unmatched understanding of what the artist wants and needs.

In the interview with WORDSnTUNES he speaks about remixing a Rick Rubin track and working with KRS and Rakim on Classic. He breaks it down to the most basic level possible and it still sounds like you are talking to someone on a completely different level. Explaining what it is to be a good producer is just the beginning. He makes it sound so simple and yet completely out-of-reach unless you are that right person.

He got his own label too, Year Round Records. 4 artists on it and he’s not sleeping on them either. They are dropping new music and complete albums too. He is about to come out with his own new album, which he produced in its entirety.

So enough of highlights, go directly to the interview and read for yourself why New York state of mind truly owes him so much.

Dmitriy Goldin

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