Wahidah Fowler

Name:Wahidah Fowler

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Ethnicity: Black/African descent

Height: 5’4

Bust: 38

Waist: 26

Hip: 39

Experience: Very Experienced

Type of work: Glamour,Swimsuit/Lingerie,Print,Fashion,Catwalk

About Wahidah Fowler

Though Wahidah claims Brooklyn as her hometown nothing can take her away from her African/West Indian heritage. While her mother is from the beautiful island of the Bahamas and her father is from the mystic land of Guyana, to her she could not ask for a nationality better then those combined. Wahidah Fowler thinks of modeling as another way of expressing her passion, which is visual arts. To her every inch of her body is paint and the world is her canvas. Modeling to Wahidah is not about society’s standards of beauty or how other people perceive a model is supposed to look. “You don’t have to be a beauty queen to work a camera” says Wahidah Fowler. “It’s all about your attitude”.

As of this moment Wahidah has done many projects, some of her resume consist of the NGUZO SABA, 7 PRINCIPLES GAME back cover, runway shows for Thando Kafele` lock stylist (hair show), Mestif Clothing, Donell Anthony Collection, Nakimuli Clothing Collection, Dymond Styles and many more. She has also modeled for Bohemian Soul Clothing
(http://www.bohemiansoul.org), 37 Deep Clothing, and Undefeated Clothing. She was also featured in Tribeca Film Festival documentary titled A girl like me (Kiri Davis). This is just some of the projects Wahidah has done. Through hard work and dedication Wahidah is destine to take the world by storm through her activism, modeling, and art. Her goal in life (other then to become the worlds next top model) is to get her Ph.D. in Art so she can become an art professor and to start her own nonprofit Art program. Wahidah is creative, energetic, passionate, out going and persistent, so you will enjoy working with her.