VH1 Hip Hop Honors Celebrity Hoops 2007

VH1 Hip Hop Honors Celebrity Hoops 2007

Hip Hop and basketball has been as one for a long time now. Besides having the same fan base, both the well-known rappers and basketball players come from similar backgrounds. So it only makes sense that VH1 adds a basketball game to its Hip Hop Honors weekend. The way this game is arranged thou is very unique.

You get an old school team playing against a new school team. Literally you get the founding fathers of Hip Hop playing against a bunch of young kids. Last year’s game gave Chris Brown a chance to shine. This year it was Ray Lavender and Lyfe Jennings doing most of the work. In 2007 the new school team won, but everyone had fun. When you get people like Lovebug Starsky and Grandmaster Caz on one side and Mims and Saigon on the other you get one hell of an entertaining spectacle. It doesn’t matter if they were eating soup together or playing ball, it was an amazing group of people gathered. Of course, playing ball it was more interesting for the fans thou.

Before the game Miss New York came out to chat with people. Flashing her signature smiles and squinted eyes she was in her element. Melissa Ford hosted the event and does it even need to be mentioned that she looks even better in a pair of jeans and a T than in fancy clothing on a red carpet somewhere? Some lucky bastard gets to se her like that all the time. For everyone else this was a joyous occasion. Common came out for a bit to throw the ball around during a warm up. Juelz Santana joined the pre-game shuffle on the floor as well. Chrisette Michelle sang the anthem. Her beautiful voice is just about the best thing to happen to R&B music in a while.

Half time was a grand spectacle as well. Swizz Beatz and Cassidy ripped it up. Drink ‘n’ My 2 Step sounded raw and fresh with both of these cats rapping on the basketball court. The Hot 97 dance team put on the moves. A huge marching/dancing band filled the court to shine their skillz.

Since it was an event as a part of theVH1 Hip Hop Honors weekend it would be impossible not to mention the constant classics on the court. Lovebug Starsky commandeering the old school team… Grandmaster Melle Mel flashing his biceps… Dana Dane and Dres discussing strategy pre-game… Brother J in deep concentration throughout the game… CL Smooth playing it cool and collected… Grandmaster Caz’s piercing look… Chubb Rock’s heavy stance… Grandmaster Dee’s game hustle… Al Cash in deep concentration… There were a lot of classic moments all throughout the game, before and after it.

According to the score board the old school lost this year (last year they did win!). Yet it didn’t feel like a loss at all. Hip Hop classics got together to give fans what they almost never see: a real encounter with the founding fathers of Hip Hop. The radio may not play their songs but this weekend was all about them. Even thou there were 2 teams playing, once again this game was so special because of them.

Repeating the same thing over and over never felt so good: Thank you VH1

Dmitriy Goldin