Twista repping for Chicago, for his fans and for Hip Hop (with Twista interview)

Twista repping for Chicago, for his fans and for Hip Hop (with Twista interview)

Twista may be the fastest rapping dude in the game but it ain’t enough for him. He want to get his lyrics on. What you saying? He can spit like crazy fast and still care about what he saying? Better believe it! He don’t come from Chi-town just to say he got a skill. This dude got the skill. He got it better than all of ‘em. He do it real and he still do it his way. He lay it all down for you all to see and get amused. What’s that you say? Come prove it? He did just that at Canal Room last night. Came ripped it up and then some.

Chicago in the house. Say that again. NY been doing it so long it stopped worrying about the West Coast. The radio waves been raped by the Southern music. All NY can do is complain about it. Only complain quietly so MTV and Hot 97 don’t all of a sudden decide to not play your music. Chi-town seems so close to New York. Common and Kanye planted roots here. Rhymefest wasn’t too happy about his city being called the new New York. “We the Midwest!”, he say proudly. So back to Twista.

After the show in his room backstage Craig G. and Rock from BCC were singing praises to Twista as they would reminisce on the hoods in NY and Chi over the years. “You get n—as scared,” they say. That’s exactly what Twista do. And on the lo-lo he do his commercial shit. Slow Jamz with Kanye and and Jamie, yeah, the Foxx one, did it thing.

His beef, no let it get kinda trendy, misunderstanding, with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Treach got squashed. His new album about to drop. Adrenalin Rush 2007, you heard?! Just Blaze, Saigon, Pharell, Kanye, Lil’ Wayne, T-Pain, Snoop, Bone Thugs, R. Kelly, he even got Jay-Z on it. What?!!!

“Be looking for the Midwest movement. We here.”, he say.

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