Tribe Called Quest with Consequence and Rhymefest

Tribe Called Quest with Consequence and Rhymefest

With all the wonderful and appalling things happening with Hip Hop now few things can be said to explain it all. DJ Whoo Kid is saying that “back in the day it was corny raps” in his interview. KRS is dedicating his life to the Temple of Hip Hop and gets offended when someone spells Hip Hop without capitalizing the Hs, just like in Africa or United States. The truth is that there will always be extremes in every direction. All the major movements in Hip Hop were started by just a few groups. In LA it was no doubt the birth of gangster rap with NWA. The lyrically rich East Coast had a lot more influences from the skillful word and image play of Slick Rick to the rowdy masses of the Wu Tang movement. There was another movement originated in New York. Some call it the jazz rap, some conscious Hip Hop and some just give them credit for starting a strong new movement in music.
A Tribe Called Quest is a phenomenon in Hip Hop like no other. De La Soul and Gang Star certainly helped them in their mission of expanding the vision of the then still young music genre of the 90s. Still, the lyrically empowered and playful but not at all naïve 4-man group was the real pioneer.
When this amazing Hip Hop quartet ceased its existence in the late 90’s, the entire music scene experienced a tremendous void. Yes, you could find Q-Tip spinning at Joe’s Pub on some nights. Phife even put out his own album. So did Ali. Jarobi seemed to just vanish entirely. New York’s poetic dominance was replaced by the commercial hits of Jay Z’s Def Jam and 50’s G Unit’s aggressive and violent club bangers. It seemed that Nas had a point. Hip Hop may have not been dead, but it was certainly hurt and without some special attention would never make it out of the emergency room.
Amazingly as it may sound a video game maker came to the rescue. 2K Sports took Tribe straight out of retirement, combined it with Chi-town’s own Rhymefest and send it all over the country. Selling out every single show in its path, this Hip Hop ensemble rocked the States with Bonita Applebum, Jazz, Can I Kick It and a bunch of other classics as if it skipped no beat.

Considering the reception A Tribe Called Quest received everywhere they went, a new album and all their future efforts will be more than welcomed even by the fans of 2006. Let’s hope the remaining 4 years before retirement Phife and the gang will remind everyone what the true Hip Hop is about.

Consequence had joined this tour also. Being one of Kanye’s GOOD MUSIC guys, Consequence has become much more than just Q-Tip’s cousin. He is viewed independently and comes across that way as well. His ideas are well developed and his aspirations lie far further than just making a buck. Focusing on the struggles and conquests of being an unsigned rapper, he brings novice and well formulated thoughts with him.

Notably, this tour took the Grammy winner Rhymefest to the new heights as well. His refreshing rhymes, never ending drive forward and overall demeanor had almost as great of an effect on the fans as the main act. His Brand New is already a classic. Mark Ronson’s pick for Allido Records, this man is the next big thing and he knows it. His theatrical mannerisms with smoothness of his voice and his ideas make him the prime commercial target. He’s doing shows in UK shortly after this tour and does not intend on stopping limiting his ambition.
You can read the interview with Rhymefest in one of the earlier reviews (posted on 9/12/06).

A phenomenal show, part of a no doubt legendary tour, has been viewed, loved and inked right here. From the legends of the 90s to the superstars of today it had it all. Words are still echoing back from the stage of that day: I WANT MORE!

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