Name: Thor
Location: Bronx, NY
Sample Track: Keep My Name Out Your Mouth
About Thor

Thor-El (stage name Thor) has been around for quite a few years. Coming straight from Boogie Down Bronx, he’s had a chance to experience some of the best Hip Hop music firsthand. doing tracks with KRS-1, Buckshot, Prodigy, Redman, Keith Murray, Killah Priest and more he’s become an integral part of New York Hip Hop life. When it comes to rapping, Thor’s always felt that it was his only way to be. “It was a natural gift given to me by G-d”, he says. Heavily influenced by KRS, Rakim, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane and Slick Rick he has benefited from their music and sharpened his skills. Thor’s always felt that G-d put him on earth to do big things in Hip Hop.

The way he moves through his neighborhood, carries his conversations, dresses and even gestures exudes confidence and a sense of mission. Working in juvenile detention centers he’s learnt to affect people in a positive manner. Being a role model for kids with no clear direction he has found a gift within himself to heal and teach.

Focusing on making records and spreading his messages to people, Thor has a variety of themes in his lyrics. His goal is to organize Hip Hop music and establish a sense of discipline to make the messages more precise.

Thor’s roster of collaborations is impressive to say the least. Working with Rev Run, KRS-1, Camron, Redman, Buckshot, Prodigy, Killah Priest and Kurupt he has solidified a place for himself in the world of Hip Hop like very few. He also did work on soundtracks for TV show Friends and major motion picture, The Corruptor, with Mark Wahlberg. Signed by KRS to Reprise Records (a division of Warner Brothers) in the late 90s, he now has his own label, Skye King Records.

Thor’s goal is to bring the Bronx lyricism back. He has the strength, the power, the discipline and the charisma to make it happen. If this was Kung Fu, he’d be Bruce Lee.

Pave way for the next King of Hip Hop.