The wonder of Mya (with interview)

The wonder of Mya (with interview)

Mya is without a doubt one of the most beautiful women in the music business. Her beauty radiates both inside and out. While everyone seems so preoccupied with the looks of this angel-like singer, her sensual and very feminine ways of a lady enhance the overall perception beyond the obviously stunning look. Long eyelashes give her the appearance of innocence. Simple gestures full of grace make her appear extra elegant. The never-ending smile changes back and forth from a playful/flirtatious version to the kind and caring one. Whether it’s the sex appeal or the almost fragile yet very approachable exterior, Mya handles her world as she sees fit with strong, yet not at all forced strokes of a brush of a painter. She creates an image and welcomes everyone to it. Master Chef in her own kitchen, her menu offers a wide variety of musically induced dishes.

But wait, what is the story behind this elaborately constructed yet very real façade? Her name stands for ‘million years ago’ in astronomy and is the English version of Maia, a Goddess in Greek and Roman mythologies. In Greek legends she was the eldest of Pleiades, most beautiful and shyest. Goddess of fields she bore a child by Zeus. In Roman myths she was the Goddess of spring and gave the name to the month of May.

In the reality of a singer, Mya Harrison comes from Maryland. Singer/dancer/actress she won a Grammy, took 2 albums Platinum, acted in 12 movies and has won dozens of awards from MTVto BMIto the before mentioned Grammy. Besides that she was in Lady Marmalade with Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim and Pink, which became the most successful airplay-only single in history. She was also featured in a video game, became a Ford (one of the most prestigious modeling agencies in the world) model and posed for Maxim and King.

Mya’s 2007 album is named Liberation. It’s all about how she feels. New label, new life, new emotions all found their place in the records on this upcoming release. Scott Storch produced song, Lock U Down, also features Lil Wayne and already got a video for it. The album itself will drop in August. Opening up lyrically on this recording, she’s poured a little more of herself onto the tracks than ever before.

This Mya might not be a Greek Goddess or cause wellbeing for the fields of the world. Then again, new Goddesses are made in this day and age. She is certainly worthy of creating a myth of her own.

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