The wonder of Chrisette Michelle (with interview and Jay-Z)

The wonder of Chrisette Michelle (with interview and Jay-Z)

Every now and then phenomenal things occur. They may even resemble a miracle-like emotion. Chrisette Michelle is just that. The power and dexterity of her voice, the beauty and authenticity of her thought and the sheer talent and ability of her as an artist all blend in perfect harmony. Chrisette burst onto the scene just the way she’s always been. Signed by LA Reid to Def Jam and embraced by Jay-Z she found the perfect place for herself in the spotlight. Only the spotlight is not what she is after. This beautiful 21 year-old girl embodies everything a real artist represents. The uniqueness of her voice mesmerizes anyone who hears it. The power of her conviction is far too obvious through her lyrics and overall stance. The passion of her delivery is overwhelming even for a most spoiled music lover.

Only a little more than a year ago, Chrisette was doing stand up mikes, random auditions and was happily spreading her music to the selected lucky few. Then suddenly her life experienced a drastic change after a performance at Village Underground. Her talents were recognized by Shalik Berry of Def Jam and the whole DefJam team immediately lined up behind her. LA Reed signed her on the spot. Jay-Z loves talking about her. Jay and Nas had her on their last albums. She’s touring all over the country, doing shows every other day and still managed to finish her album.

What should we expect from I am? The entire album is a burlesque of beautiful music and infectious magnetism. From to John Legend, this newcomer managed to attract some of the industry’s brightest and most talented on her debut album. Incorporating her own life stories and some fictional but close to heart themes, Chrisette offers a great lyrical palette as well.

Her voice is crisp and clean one moment and raspy and almost overly natural the next. It offers the range of a musical genius and future legend. Her music idols are Ella Fitzerald and Billy Holiday. Her aspirations are to spread her talent. Her vision is clear and seemingly unbiased. Her thoughts are so pure that she’s minutes away from becoming everyone’s role model herself. Acting calm and focused before the show and super welcoming after the concert, she absolutely explodes while on stage.

The expression ‘legend in the making’ found a new place to call home. That place is within Chrisette. It’s your place now to witness it.

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