The Feud Is Ova: KRS and Marley Marl new album out May 22nd

The Feud Is Ova: KRS and Marley Marl new album out May 22nd

A historic event of near epic proportions is taking place in Hip Hop right before your eyes. On May 22nd, noone else but KRS-1 is dropping his new album. But wait! Besides the fanfare of a new album by this Hip Hop legend, this particular album holds its own significance. KRS-ONE gained most of his earlier popularity as a result of a series of ‘beef’ tracks with the Queens’ MCs. MC Shan and Marley Marlbegan the feud in 1985 with their infamous The Bridge track, claiming that QB is where Hip Hop lives. Young Kris Parker came back with his South Bronx and the rest was the greatest beef in the Hip Hop history. 13 diss tracks altogether were generated as a result of this dispute and they all gave a chance for many artists to shine.

Since 1992, KRS-1 has nor released a studio album since his 1992 Sex and Violence and has not released his own independent album since the 1987 Criminal Minded. Doing a number of guest appearances on tracks like the recent Classic, with Kanye West, Rakimand Nasand putting out the street-loved mixtapes he’s completely outdone himself with Hip Hop Lives. He did it with… ready? yes, Marley Marl. Now can you say ‘The Feud Is Ova’?

Becoming a political figure in Hip Hop, KRS organized the now infamous Temple of Hip Hop. See it at On his recent mixtape he made songs like Don’t Give it Up and My Soldier, where he talks about the war in Iraq and the social issues troubling people. As far as the War on Terrorism, declared by the US, he’s made headlines when after 9/11 he blamed certain parts of the US government for letting that tragedy occur. Back then people blinded by sorrow and pain of loosing innocent civilians in the United States did not appreciate his comments. New York Daily Newseven said that KRS is an ‘anarchist’ and OsamaBin Laden would listen to his music. In 2007 however, when prominent US Senators make similar claims, KRS becomes more of a visionary.

Chuck D. and Russell Simmons have a falling out in the recent past and Chuck is saying that Russell is trying to fight against the movement he had started himself. 2 of the Hip Hop legends are fighting? Unbelievable? Maybe not. Just about everyone feels that Hip Hop got a bad rap recently due to an overabundance of use of the N-word, references to drugs, degrading female remarks and frequently inciting violence. Once again, the words of KRS, spoken by him long before the current tension come into the spotlight.

Nappy-Headed Hoes has just about become a new expression. When Don Imus made that remark he did much more than offend many people. He demonstrated the significance of the opposing force. Being one of the most prominent radio personalities of all times, when Imus started this controversy he announced that racism is very much alive. Yes, at times Hip Hop music carries some of the most unattractive imagery and causes some very unfortunate events. Going back to the KRS and Marley Marl feud of the 80s, Scott La Rock‘s killing was a result of his attempt to stop a dispute. Yet, this was, and for many still is, the reality of the streets. The US government has the ability to better the living conditions for many of the violence-ridden areas. Yet, the predominantly non-voting lower class of the ghetto does not stimulate the expense. So, we have people like KRS-ONE, doing the work, just like he’s always done.

With a series of shows coming up in NYC, Philadelphia and DC to promote his new album The Teacher deals another blow to the misconception of the violent and insensitive Hip Hop.

Exclusive interview with KRS-1 will be delivered to you as usual after his show in New York and his album will be released and available for purchase on May 22nd. Don’t see much of what you’ve always loved about Hip Hop anymore? Get the KRS and Marley Marl album.

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