Name: Tommy Location: Bronx, NY Ethnicity: Black/African descent Height: 5’9 Bust: 36 Waist: 24 Hip: 35 Experience: Advanced Type of work:Any,Glamour,Swimsuit/Lingerie,Print,Fashion,Catwalk,Implied Nudity About Tommy Magazine: Stuff Magazine, Future, Ib Concept, Cycle Dream Magazine, Charlie Candys Commercial: Martell Cognac, Guinness, Hummer – Hill Side Rides, Sun Dial, CIN TV Runway: Brooklyn Fashion Week Anthony Eastwick, Bernard …

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Simply Medgie

Name: Simply Medgie Location: Brooklyn, NY Ethnicity: Black/African descent Height: 5’7 Bust: 36 Waist: 37 Hip: 39 Experience: Experienced Type of work: Any,Glamour,Swimsuit/Lingerie,Print,Fashion About Simply Medgie The most important things which I’ve learned from my parents are my values and my morals, such as respecting me and respecting others, and to have faith in God …

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Sherice Camille Major

Name: Sherice Camille Major Location: New York, NY Ethnicity: Black/African descent Height: 5’3 Bust: 34 Waist: 24 Hip: 34 Experience: Advanced Type of work: Any,Glamour,Swimsuit/Lingerie,Print,Fashion,Catwalk About Sherice Camille Major Sherice Camille Major is a melting pot of Caribbean flavor. She hails from the island of Nassau, a metropolis nestled between 700 islands and cays in …

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