Name: Syn
Location: Union, NJ
Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino
Height: 5’2
Bust: 34
Waist: 28
Hip: 36
Experience: Some Experience
Type of work: Any
About Syn

Cynthia Serrano A.K.A. Syn was born and raised in Hoboken, NJ. While growing up she became extremely interested in dancing and performing. During her high school years Cynthia performed in several plays as well as several talent shows. Her Junior year in high school she joined a dance group named “Unique” that consisted of four females herself included. Her senior year the dance group expanded and became “Final Attraction”. At age 19 she did several more plays and shows it was then that she teamed up with two labels Around the way entertainment & SMB music. At the age of 22 Cynthia began dancing with a group by the name of “Taste” which included four other members Stephanie Chavez,Lorraine Francisco and Glendalys Paniagua. After some time we lost Glendalys Paniagua but then she later returned as well as a former member of taste Tabitha Martelli.We then had to re audition after two members left the two new members were Cara Lyons & Lisa Kapchinske.Taste was not quite ready however we held another audition and added Nai,Mila and Marcy to the team. Currently at age 24 Cynthia is not dancing with the group Taste and is flying solo looking forward to her long awaited career in dance and will stop at nothing to achieve her number one goal.