Name: Sophia Bastian
Location: New York, NY
Sample Track: Rebel Boy
About Sophia Bastian

“Jazz School Drop out”

My name Sophia Bastian and I would describe myslef as

a Bluesy Singer with young attitude and a vintage Soul and Reggae infatuation.

I’ve studied as a Jazz Vocal Major at City College and my musical influences are classic Soul, Blues and HipHop.

You can find comments and reviews to the a few demos on ( in RECs.

My EPK is on:

Over the course of last year I’ve been showcasing my music at numerous places:

I had a residency at Manhahatta Lounge

shows at DonHills, Sweet Rhythm — “James Brown Tribute” ,the Nuyorican Poets Cafe , Club 205, , and Stephen’sTalkhouse in Amagansett.

I’ve been featured twice in the “Eclectic ride” line up at DROM in the past two months.

” Sophia Bastian might be one of the most promising young talents out there( …)

Beyond the general enticement of a young singer with Jazz reference and

a lush voice, Ms.Bastian manages to deliver herself as an original artist:

Her stage presence is luminious and her songs transcend wit and soul.

I haven’t heard a female singer do reggae like this… made me dance !

I stumbled in on one of her gigs and was captivated. “

– Eva Roeder, New York