Seagram’s Live 2007 (with Monica and The Clipse interviews)

Seagram’s Live 2007 (with Monica and The Clipse interviews)

Seagram’s Live has brought urban music performances to people for 8 years in a row now. In 2007, its tour has brought the beautiful R&B singer/dancer Myaas well as a Virginia rapper duet, The Clipse. Hitting up 11 major US cities, the tour also presented the changed and stunning Monicain its New York show. Besides making the tour a musical success, it also contributed to helping with the latest US tragedy – Hurricane Katrina. Seagram’s Live made a donation to the rebuilding efforts for the areas affected by this natural disaster.

Previous performers for the tour included Mary J. Blidge, Gnarls Barkley, Biz Markie and many others. It also offered a $10,000 gold and diamonds pair of sunglasses to one lucky winner, a specially dedicated urban modeling calendar, computer screen saver and more. Seems like a hell of an effort to get people to drink Seagram’s Gin, isn’t it? And it was! This annual tour may be organized by the gin-making company but it’s all about music and live shows.

The gorgeous and ever-sensually flirtatious Myais about to drop her upcoming album at the end of June. Titled Liberation, it’s already created quite a buzz and got people singing Lock You Down, her song with Lil Wayne. She has also put on several shows all over New York to get that excitement level up. Considered one of the sexiest girls in music, Mya’s always smiling and flirting wherever she goes. Combine that with her dancing moves and her sweet and powerful voice and she’s heading for yet another success well beyond any single stage of any venue in any city. Somewhere on the West Coast TheGame is still seeing those dreams, but dreams is what they will always remain.

Monica’s all grown! Haven’t you heard? The little girl’s got a whole new bag of tricks. All of her drama’s left behind and she is a mother now. Happier than ever, Monica got a house in suburbia for her and her kid and got a new album on the way. Her latest album, Making of Me, is taking on a whole new form as Monica is a whole new person. Still working with Jermaine Dupri and Missy Elliott, she is genuinely excited about it. Looking thinner, curvier and sexier than before she’s in charge of her life now and it shows.

Straight from Virginia The Clipse comes to compliment the R&B flow of the tour. Their misfortunes with Jive Records are over and they are getting experimental with their tracks. Separating from Star Trak Entertainment due to label changes they did not separate from Pharrell. The Neptunes producer/rapper is behind them 100% and the band now has 2 albums. One is full of club bangers and the other is the deeper, more emotional one. Putting themselves out there, Malice and Pusha-T are more inspired than ever. Touring all over the world is great, but going through your own country as a part of this tour always feels closer to heart.

Check out these exclusive interviews from Monica and The Clipse and see photos from their New York performance.

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