Sadat X

Name: Sadat X
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Sample Track: This is Your Life
About Sadat X

Few artists in Hip Hop have afforded the longevity that Sadat X has. Unmoved by an inevitable changing of the guard in Rap, the X-Man remains a beacon of true, un-facsimiled artistry. In so many words, he sits atop the lists of your favorite rappers favorite rapper. It’s like his time as a child confined to the other side of the street or his uncles car, watching Cold Crush or Kool Herc park jams molded Sadat into the respected person & and wholly unique emcee he is today.

Where so many of his peers have faded into obscurity, Sadat somehow continues to write innovative songs, deliver relevant contemporary commentary, and effortlessly staying tuned to trends of the day.

Having enjoyed an outstanding career in hip-hop, spanning nearly 3 decades as one of the genres most distinctive voices, his undeniable twang has commanded songs not just as 1/3rd of the fabled Brand Nubian (5 group albums), but alongside our genres greatest from Jay Z, Notorious B.I.G., Nas, & Common (to name a few). He’s even been tapped by the likes of popular singer/songwriter Jack Johnson, legendary House-producer Miguel Migs and old-schooler MC Lyte all in recent months for collaborations on their respected albums. And not just vocalists fiend for a good X verse; extraordinary producers from The Neptunes to Primo to Madlib to Prince Paul have all called in lyrics from the self-proclaimed Dot Father to accentuate their sound scapes.

In Fall 2008 Sadat released the “Generation X” album on Affluent Records, produced by Will Tell, with features by Thirstin Howl III and Twanie Ranks, to name a few.

Sadat X is available for: Show bookings, Voiceovers, Song Writing, Features and Hooks, Show DJ Commercials, Event Hosting, Radio/TV hosting, Acting and Commercials, Public Speaking.

Contact: Joanne Coleman (630) 544-7296