Rhythm Roots All Stars interview

Rhythm Roots All Stars interview

You represent funk music. It’s not as commercially popular of a genre as others. Where do you see it going?

We definitively represent funk somewhat. We incorporate a lot of different styles. We try to create a hybrid that includes rhythm and blues and tonight we are obviously working with Hip Hop. This is more of a bridge between genres and it’s less specific.

Do you see funk being more of an urban music style or is it something entirely different?

It definitely comes from urban settings but I think today in the global setting there is less of a differentiation between something being urban or not. There is a lot more crosspollination and there are a lot of styles affecting each other from different walks of life. I don’t know if it answers the question but I don’t really consider myself a historian to be able to say that this is where it’s been or where its going. We definitely listen to it and try to add our bit and take something from it as well.

How would you compare your music with The P-Funk All Stars?

A lot of our stuff has a much faster tempo and it’s heavier on the percussion. It’s more polyrhythmic, maybe less vocal, more jamming. We do guest vocalists and adopt our style a bit more.

Being from LA, are there any LA Hip Hop stars that you have worked with?

Being an all-star band all of us have plaid with different people. Some of us plaid with Black Eyed Peas and 2 Short. 2 Short’s from San Fran actually. I recorded and played with BEP right about the time Fergie came on, during the times of Elephunk. LL Black is a real good underground artist we play with sometimes.

Are you promoting an album now?

We just finished a 3-song LP with Scion with LL Black and Raheim Devine, a vocalist from DC. It’s more of a promotional think we just did.

What are your thoughts of Hip Hop right now?

Again, I am not enough of an expert on that. We are having lots of fun working with Redman thou and have something coming up next month with Talib Kweli. We did one show with Red a while ago and this is our second time working with him.

What is special about your band that no other band represents?

I don’t know if I am the right person to answer that from the inside. It’s kind of almost like a side project as we all play with other groups. So we take breaks sometimes and work together. At times certain people are busy so there is a lot of change in members on stage from show to show. As new people are constantly coming in we are constantly evolving. We don’t work together for 6 months straight. Its like the drummer plays with this guy or a base player plays with that guy, so its definitely a collective of different players from the LA scene that are always busy and it dictates a lot of change.

How long have you guys been around?

About 6 or 7 years off and on. We jammed once a week for the first 2 years. Then I took break, had a baby, and then went back and I’m now working consistently on it.