Remy Ma, Young Joc, Black Buddafly, Cheri Dennis, more…

Remy Ma, Young Joc, Black Buddafly, Cheri Dennis, more…
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone’s heard that expression and everyone has seen it at work. Whether it comes to physical beauty, art or even food. Two of the most influential types of beauty definitely deal with looks and music thou. So it is no surprise that a blend of beautiful bodies and Hip Hop performances mended together here, courtesy of
The Red Carpet before the show packed celebrities of all kind and then the show itself presented all with a unique look. First Jimmy Hector, Clinton Sparx, Half Gansta, Seriouz Jones, AllHipHop founders, Black Buddafly, Bossman and a slew of others walked into the venue, posing for the cameras on the way there. Then the time was right for that abovementioned beauty on display.
Urban fashions were at their best with dozens of models on display. To give organizers the credit they deserve, all models differed from one another. They were tall or short, skinny or packing something extra. Their hair was flying all over or barely visible, some strolled through the catwalk almost timidly and some had put on a whole show. You saw a girl on girl, a girl and a guy and… yep, that was it. Wow! Almost scared myself there for a second. So, back to it. Yeah, they all looked fly, they all looked good and the crowd was just so happy to see them all.
Only that was just a part of it. Afterall, it was put together by and not by a fashion outfit. Music was representing fully with live performances by Cheri Dennis, Sleepy Brown, Bobby Valentino, Crucial Keyz, Remy Ma and Young Joc. Plus Miri Ben Ari got to model for everyone.
Just so you get it straight, here is where they all stand as of now:

Cheri Dennis still can’t believe that after 6 years with Bad Boy she finally puts out her debut album and… yes, some things never change. After some delays in the album date it finally hits the shelves, but wait! Me and You streams through the airwaves louder than I Love You. Billboard recognizes it as a bigger hit and those church choir years are loosing the modeling beauty. Is it a fair deal? Has the industry lost its way? Perhaps ce la vie as our less than beloved French peeps will say. So Cheri does I Love You and Looks and feels great doing it. What’s the deal, ma?

Sleepy Brown is enjoying his big boy hit Margarita. Or should it be capitalized and a bit misspelled? Yes, the hit with Big Boi is there for all R&B fans to enjoy. Remember TLC? Remember Waterfalls? Well, production is Brown’s game. Still, after Kanye’s success everyone has gotta try. So with a Purple Ribbon on his side Sleepy’s music… is actually pretty good.

Bobby Valentino is not really a youngen, but yet he is. Straight from ATL, he debuted in a band as a teenager. That folds and Bobby goes and gets himself a bachelors. What you know about that? Right after securing that back up plan for himself, the man gets signed to Def Jam. Doing work with Bow Wow, Omarion and even getting his vocals Pimping All Over the World, he is all over the radio in 2005, sending his debut album to Gold status. His second album’s about to drop and here he is trying it out on a club full of people.

Crucial Keyz is cool. Alicia Keys supported and politically charged and inspired this French rap troop has seen moderate success in the US. Isn’t it getting sorta old thou? The riots in Paris have died. Plenty of those weird tiny European automobiles were burned for no reason. Chatelet les Halles is no East Village and if that is truly the capital of French Hip Hop… let’s just say that females look different in Senegal. Plus, let’s not forget. French folk does not generally care for the American flow. No matter how you twist it, loving Crucial is a bit of self-hate. Really.

Remy popped that s— off like it ain’t no thang. She’s still in the 740 fizza but just looking better than ever. With everyone screaming that she is so ghetto it’s a wonder that noone has a problem with her being Conceited. It’s like Whuteva she wants to do is cool. There is something about Remy. We all know what it is. So just shove it and enjoy. She’ll show you who’s bossy around here. “I set myself up with my first album. This [new] album is all about being me. I’m not looking for specific colabs, just want to do it alone.” And that’s all she says after the show while looking just too good to be…
Wait! Next!

Young Joc is all smiles as always. With T.I.’s help and his raw charm and talent he is happily sitting so close to the top, that all the little folk is looking just a bit too small. Still, he is just so super friendly, likable and approachable. Make no mistake. The guy is a star. He’s just not an a—hole. “I love NY, but it’s time. Our time to shine.” He says without thinking twice, when the Southern/East Coast Hip Hop comparison comes up. “New York is just more lyrical. In the South we have more fun thou.”

One other act that didn’t get to perform but was present is Black Buddafly. These gorgeous German twins travel from Hamburg to Brooklyn, courtesy of LA Reid and Def Jam. The third sister may have gone back to have a family, but there are twins, not triplets. Half African, half German, all beauty, they have a hit with Fabolous and are on the soundtrack of Waist Deep. Don’t get it twisted thou. These girls gotta work as hard as everyone else despite their beauty. Their Mariah and Janet inspirations didn’t do much more than inspire. “We had to establish our own sound,” they say. “Audience didn’t want an American sound. They get plenty of that from the US. We came [to New York] to help define ourselves.” With a heavy pop influence and a combination of European and American sounds, these dazzling twins are primed for success. Just watch!

A breathtaking compilation of music and beauty all night long. Something all wish upon themselves on daily basis. Well, all good things come in small packages.

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