Name: Plumm

Location: 246 W. 14th Street

New York, NY


About Plumm

From performance by DMC and Slick Rick and Ice-T and Melle Mel to Damon Dash and Rosario Dawson and John Legend birthday parties this is one NYC venue that continues to stay extra fly and rep it for Hip Hop. The artist sets are short but the lines to get in are not. Why? Simply put: if you are cool you will party here. If not… well, when they say the doormen are selective they ain’t kidding.


Some of the most beautiful ladies and some of the most connected industry insiders relax here on the regular. What’s so special about that? It’s still the club of choice for the coolest, most stunning-looking people. Even the bartenders there are hot. Yet, the place is so small that it always feels intimate, even when packed, which is… well, a lot of the time.


Don’t expect to bring $200 with you and be the baller of the night thou. Some of the best dressed, best-looking people drop a couple of Gs a night there just to chill. So, leave your inhibitions at the door, put your dance shoes on, grab a camera (plenty of celebrities just pop up there all the time) and get ready for a special experience. Bring no expectations, only dreams…