Name: Plan B

Location: 339 E 10th St., @ Ave B

New York, NY


About Plan B

From Jazzy Jay to Lovebug Starsky you will find a variety of renowned Hip Hop DJs here. If you are tired of the mid-town scene, Plan B will give you that East Village/Alphabet City feeling, with no pretense, often no cover charge and totally different faces. Still expect a rope outside with a couple of bouncers on a Saturday night, but you’ll get in without the club hassle and won’t be measured on how many bottles you buy. Not exclusively a Hip Hop joint they got everything from rock to rap to reggae and a hip dance floor to go with it.


Plan B is located on 10th street (Ave B) on the North side of Tompkins Square Park. It opened up on Valentines Day of 2004 and has quickly become a favorite in the East Village. The main lounge area has set a stage for groups who come to mingle and dance while the two private rooms host private events, birthdays, and intimate gatherings. Plan B has achieved what it set out to do in becoming a hip scene without the hassle. The philosophy has been great music and staff equals a good time.


339 E 10th St

New York, NY 10009

Phone: (212) 353-2303