Nancy Di Nino…the “Red Storm”

Name: Nancy Di Nino…the “Red Storm”
Location: Wethersfield, CT
Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino
Height: 5’4
Bust: 34
Waist: 27
Hip: 36
Experience: Very Experienced
Type of work: Swimsuit/Lingerie,Print,Fashion,Catwalk
About Nancy Di Nino…the “Red Storm”


Nancy Di Nino, is a common name that has been popping up all over the international modeling and fitness scene. Her Italian/Venezuelan mix and versatile look allows her to reach out to her fans across the world. She envisions herself as a positive role model; fusing fashion, beauty, health, fitness and dance, all in one dynamic package. Her Red storm appearance and diverse resume enables her to be her own ‘walking billboard.’ And I bet you’d never guess this Red Storm is also a Professional Salsa Dancer! Her Latin flavor exudes an electrifying confidence and presence on stage. As a member of “Strickly Salsa Latin Dance Company” Nancy has had the opportunity to perform with her team at the Bacardi World Salsa Congress in Puerto Rico (Albert Torres Production) amongst the select few teams that were chosen throughout the world.

And it doesn’t stop here! Nancy’s infectious personality and captivating smile is catching on in the urban industry, so as the Red Storm becomes a household name, remember where you saw her first, WNT Divas!




Modeling is modeling, but what intrigues me is the “Art of Modeling”. When I’m in front of the camera, I am like an actor in a role trying to portray a certain look and feel to the reader. I want to continue to work on improving my craft and intend on expanding into other areas of modeling (High-Fashion, Urban, ect.) With these intentions at hand, I hope I can reach out to a larger audience and satisfy their visual appetites. That is why I see myself as a chameleon; I can take a wide range of photos and you will see how different my body or expressions may be in each of them. My formal training is in dance and I would like to share my contagious hip-hop and salsa moves by appearing in future music videos. I would also like to expand my radio and television opportunities.