Music above all: DJ Beverly Bond and Bazaar Royale

Music above all: DJ Beverly Bond and Bazaar Royale

Music couples are always unique. Whether it’s Jada Pinkett and Will Smith or Nas and Kelis, there are always numerous rumors and speculations surrounding them. Another music couple, Beverly Bond and Bazaar Royal have been getting attention also. One thing most of these couples share in common. They may be married and even do work together, but everything else is different about them. This last couple is no exception.

DJ Beverly Bond entered the world of music at a very young age. So young, that she herself can barely remember when it happened. Something just always pulled her toward music. Playing the now classic tunes of BIG or Sugarhill Gang she just felt that connection telling her this is a life-long marriage. Entering the entertainment scene, Beverly did it through modeling. Becoming a Wilhelmina model is not a simple task. Her fresh and raw looks attracted everyone from Nike to Guess and the buzz was creating a different career path for her. Yet, it just wasn’t her ultimate dream. Being in a spotlight was no doubt flattering, but Beverly wanted to share her love for music with the world.

Even in her much younger years she attracted a lot of attention with her extensive music collection. Buying the DJ tables and entertaining her friends at the parties was not good enough for her for long thou. Making a just transition from modeling to music, she took the music world onto herself and shared it with people. Her nickname of ‘DJ’s favorite DJ’ was earned and proven. Everyone from Kanye West to Toni Touch has done work with her and loves and respects that experience. For those unfamiliar with the topic, being a female DJ is always extra hard. Clubs generally request male ones and so do most shows. Even when a female DJ gets a gig, she’ll generally get paid less. It is frequently a story of struggle and failure for most in that role. Not this one. Bond’s vast music knowledge and ability to experiment with it immediately separated her from the pack. Feeling like she has to work extra hard to earn those stripes, she made all the right moves. Beverly Bond is not a female DJ. She is not a Hip Hop DJ. She is a music DJ with distinctive gifts and passion for her craft. Doing what she does best is the only way for her, but that is also what makes her so exceptional. Mixing tracks from Jim Morrison with those of KRS-1, Beverly erases the boundaries of genres and creates the world of music united. Introducing a Red Hot Chili Peppers song remix right after a Jay-Z club banger follows the same trend. Opening for the 2006 Wu-Tang reunion and touring with Erykah Badu are just more examples of this girl’s music diversity.

Besides her music life, Beverly Bond is an avid activist for a number of causes and movements. From AIDS education groups to feminist issues to speaking out against the recent Don Imus remarks, she uses her power of a woman, a liberal and a DJ as a powerful blend in making a statement and making a difference. Her days of being in the spotlight aren’t over. They’ve been extended and enhanced. Runways got replaced with red carpets. Latest fashions still find their way onto her shoulders. DJ headphones never felt as comfortable as when attached to her ears. And now she prefers to look beautiful for her man. Everyone else gets to enjoy the beauty of her craft.

Bazaar Royal is the other part of this couple. Extraordinary supportive of his wife, he brings a very different approach to the game. His hook is his extreme intensity. His sounds pour out of the mike in a single statement. His theatrical performance is worthy of a Broadway play. His facial expressions are exceedingly articulate. His demeanor is that of a rock star. His approach to life is that of a keen Hip Hop head. Struggle is the way he perceives this life and he embraces it in his music, his overall behavior and his perception of the world. Without grabbing the headlines Bazaar’s style and musical expressions are known all throughout. Doing shows with Method Man and M1 he solidified a space for himself next to many Hip Hop greats.

Both Beverly Bond and Bazaar Royal are a part of the Ghetto Metal movement. Representing a mixture of different music styles, from rock to urban music genres of Hip Hop and Reggae, this is not just another music type. This is a different approach to music altogether. Making it a monthly event at SOBs, their skills get to show off alongside of M1 and many other performers.

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