Mr. Mef got his s*** back (with Method Man interview)

Method Man. Johny Blaze. Mef. Rapper. Actor. Fan of music. Rap C.E.O. minus the yesman. As much as educating people about artists is important, this man needs no introduction. By far the most renowned member of Wu-Tang, Mef’s Hollywood involvement brought plenty of light to him as well.

Besides doing the fun flicks like How High with his counterpart, Redman, his presence on the infamous The Wire brought even more flavor to the already knee-deep in urban life show. Garden State and Soul Plane roles went along the How High lines and here it is, now How High 2 is being written. A combined effort of about 20 movies and TV shows fails to define him regardless, no matter how much fun everyone had watching these flicks.

Have you ever seen Method Man’s live shows? Absolutely obsessed with the crowd’s energy, it would seem that he feeds the fans as they feed him. Doing backflips into the crowd, walking on top of fans, getting off of the stage to rap standing next to fans are all parts of his act. One of the most engaging artists, his fans are more than just fans of Hip Hop. They seem to be dedicated to Method the way Jerry Garcia‘s fans were.

421… The Day After was his last album. With things changing with DefJam, Mef seemed to have ended up with the short end of the stick. The album didn’t take off. Bringing some of his best solo work to those records lyrically Johnny Blaze did not love it. Yet there is something to be said about power of the legend like Method Man and the label like DefJam. Only a few months later all misunderstandings have been fixed, differences reconciled and it’s all smooth sailing from now on.

Going back to the album, it is a compilation of 20 tracks and guest appearances by Raekwon, Fat Joe, Styles P., Redman and more. Is It Me features production by Scott Storch and gets Mef showing off some of his best lyrical ability. 4 Ever with Megan Rochell is perhaps the most honest, from the heart record that would make any female wish it was about her and any dude hope to some day have such a deep perception of what it is to be a man.

Wu-Tang Forever! 8 Diagrams is in the works, Wu-Tang will have 2 days of shows as a part of Rock The Bells with Rage Against the Machine and Mef is focusing just on that for now. Doing occasional shows in New York he is rapping up his commitment with The Wire and is spending most of his time in the studio.

Is it me, or is it these, n—-z in it for cheese
Is it me, all my enemies, hating on Killa Beez
Is it me, or is it me, that ain’t feeling M.C.’s
With the top down, wheeling the v, feeling the breeze
Is it me, or is it these, niggaz spitting the same
Is it me, all my enemies, throwing shit in the game
Is it me, or the industry that really got to change
Once again, it’s Wu-Tang, in case y’all forgot the name

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