MIMS is making everyone hot

MIMS is making everyone hot

Why is Mims hot? What is it about this kid that makes everyone go crazy the moment his #1 hit enters the airwaves? He is from New York. He is a really good and positive performer. His music is about life and its struggles but it’s much more than that. He doesn’t talk about shooting people and the wonderful life he had as a drug dealer and the easy and accessibility of sex. He puts well-constructed verses to hot beats. He makes the club dance to his music. Demanding Hip Hop heads appreciate the sense in the words of his songs. New Yorkers are excited that he is bringing it back. His mother would have been happy she bought him that DJ equipment. And himself he is happy each and every day.

Every thing people mentioned that was wrong with Hip Hop in New York, Mims addressed. He is a fresh new face from the city, as every New Yorker wanted. His records focus on the positive and fun parts of life, as entertaining music should be. He is a guy full of energy, totally focused on his music and on spreading it to the masses, as he always wanted.

This is Why I’m Hot was an independently released record with more spins than just about any other track this year. It blew up like even Mims himself could never believe. It put him on every radio station, into every IPod and into every club in the whole country. What else? He finally brought New York back! As strange as it may appear Mims’ entry into the game was just what the doctor ordered. Music should make people happy. Music should make them forget about the issues and the routine of days. Music is My Savior is the name of his album and he makes it everyone’s savior. His new single, called Like This is already blowing up the airwaves.

Being a newcomer, his story in the industry is super short. His 26 years of life have offered him quite a story thou. Born into a lower-class Jamaican family he’s had a heavy Dominican influence growing up in the Washington Heights. His mom, who helped his passion start by buying him some DJ gear, dies from complication of birth to his sister. Staying a perfect student in school he’s allowed as much positive energy into his life as possible. He is refusing to say that Hip Hop is dead. How can it be dead if his shows get sold out all over the country?

Doing a club tour all over the country now, Mims is feeling pretty good. Everyone believes he is hot. Everyone wants to hear him. He is impacting lives, just like he’s always wanted. Doing 5-6 shows per week, at times 2 per day, he just can’t get enough. He even got his own label, American King Music and can already envision signing other acts to it, helping them get started just like he did. For now, he’s staying humble, excited, focused and positive. In the interview with WORDSnTUNES, he says: “…my biggest goal that I want to accomplish is to remain happy and to remain healthy”.

And this is why he’s hot!

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