Marsha Ambrosius: good bye Floetry, hello Dr. Dre

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Marsha Ambrosius: good bye Floetry, hello Dr. Dre

“I think it was very necessary for us to pursue what we want to do as grown women”, says Marsha Ambrosius of the recent changes with Floetry. Separating from her partner in the band, Natalie, Marsha found herself with more opportunities than most ever see. It was a beautiful introduction to music for them. Marsha Ambrosius and Natalie Stewart combined their efforts years ago to start what later became known as Floetry. Just as Rakim gave up football for music, those 2 gave up their basketball dreams and aspirations for the same. Years passed since their high school days. College was behind them and Natalie even performed as a part of another group. Then a symbiotic relationship formed. They both wrote the songs and while Marsha sang, Natalie rapped. 2 beautiful girls with varied forms of performance expression but same love for music. Originally from UK, the girls moved to the US in 2000 to be discovered by an adoring audience and many excited artists looking to work with them. From Jazzy Jeff to Mos Def and Common, they got some known and respected artists to help them get to Gold status on their debut album and 5 Grammy nominations.

Throughout that time, Marsha got herself involved with many other talents. Getting on the tracks with Busta Rhymes, Styles P., Game, Nas and Hi-Tek she established her own name separately from her counterpart. Her soothing voice, passion for music and desire to let her voice be heard, put her in the spotlight. None other than Dr. Dre himself signed her to Aftermath. Has anyone ever seen Dre make a bad call on talent? Marsha’s story began to grow and evolve at a very different rate. Now she is seen as a completely separate act with her own deal. Her solo album’s in the works with production from Scott Storch, Cool & Dre and of course, Dr. Dre himself.

Coming to New York in 2007 was very different for her. Only less than a year ago, she opened for Common as a part of Floetry. Now, she is the main act on the stage of SOBs. With the sexy act of J Davey opening for her, the club has rarely been this packed. Everyone was singing along with her and Marsha herself was the super pleasant and approachable performer. Getting the crowd involved, she even freestyled over a Dre beat from his Chronic II. That was no doubt a tribute to her current label affiliation.

Her warm smile, soaring voice and a wide range solidified her fan base even further that evening. Her MySpace page says “treat the glass you believe is half empty as a shot of Patron and you’ll be just fine”. Positive approach is doing wonders for this girl. Excited and confident, she got off the stage to spend some time with her mother before attending to press. Backstage packed with her team, friends and admirers, she sat down to talk to WORDSnTUNES about her current plans, recent changes and her absolute love for the art of music itself.

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