Lloyd’s got Street Love for You

Lloyd’s got Street Love for You

Lloyd’s story is truly a fairytale come true. From a child prodigy at the age of 10 to the number 1 single in the country by 21, the path has been a bit rocky but it was all worth it at this point. Signed to DreamWorks Records at first as a part of a child group, he later went solo as the group fell apart. His first deal was with MCA Records. Unfortunately as MCA was acquired by Geffen, most artists lost their contracts. Irv Gotti’s The Inc. was the next home for Lloyd. There he did songs with Ashanti, Ja Rule and even with DefJam’s Tierra Marie.

Lloyd did not pick out until his single You hit the airwaves. Getting Lil Wayne on it and promoting it on his MySpace page he gained popularity all over instantly. BET’s 106 & Park placed the song in its Hall of Fame, as it stayed on for 34 days at #1 and over 2 months altogether. Joining Sho’nuff Records he is now enjoying having both, The Inc. and Sho’nuff marketing him. His second single, Get It Shawty saw a lot of radio play also. His album, Street Love, was released in March of this year and sold 144,000 copies in the first week and already went Gold.

So, what is it about Lloyd that makes him special? His dancing alone makes his female fans scream from the top of their lungs when he is on stage. His voice is gentle but firm. He smiles, he jokes and he believes in the beauty of the moment. Looking up to performers of the past like Michael Jackson he resembles him to a greater extend that people even realize. Some of his fans have been following him since he was a kid. He has strong ties to his family. When the Katrina tragedy happened, he housed 15 members of his family in his apartment. His father dies when he was 2, but he has a tattoo of him.

Lloyd’s story of talent and perseverance is moving and touching. With 2 albums behind him he is till very much of a newcomer into the industry. He is only 21 and his dreams are becoming a reality more and more every day. He believes in music and believes in the power of a melody on one’s life. He is also not afraid to speak his mind. “[Don’t] be afraid to be creative and open in your thoughts and ideas through music”, he says.

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