Lilian Diorio

Name:Lilian Diorio

Location: Newport News, VA

Ethnicity: Mixed Race

Height: 5’6

Bust: 34

Waist: 26

Hip: 39

Experience: Some Experience

Type of work: Any,Glamour,Swimsuit/Lingerie,Print,Fashion,Catwalk

About Lilian Diorio

Born and raised in San Diego CA. Lilian Diorio has had the pleasure to experience much diversity. Being born to a mother who is half Filipino and Spanish and raised by a father who is an Italian/Irish Boston native has molded her unique look, style and demeanor. From being raised in a melting pot, and making a home from everywhere in the west to the east coast, and attending 5 different high schools, has given her the “thick skin” “can’t lose” attitude that she has and the ability to adapt and chameleonize to any situation. Entertainment in all forms has sparked her interest since a very young age. At the age of 7 she sang as a leading role for the San Diego’s Children’s Opera, from there she went on to joining every choir, talent showcase, event planning committees with schools and recreation centers, and even break dancing crews. Growing up in a family of 5 children and 2 grandchildren in one household, her parents did not have the funds to enroll her in any type of extracurricular activities. However, because of her passion and love for anything music, she spent most of her days at the local recreation center observing and studying the other children in their tap, dance, jazz, & cheerleading classes absorbing all she could. She even started her own crew and came up with her own moves and routines. Her first year of high school she was uprooted from all she knew and moved to the east coast. From there everything changed. She was emancipated at the age of sixteen. Having to fend for herself, she turned her cheek from all things entertainment and kept her head in the books, and her mind on money. Climbing her way to success she became a mortgage broker and investor at a very young age, and became very successful at it, but as all things, that was soon to change. What she had always longed for kept calling her name. Without even trying opportunities came her way pulling her back into the scene. Having a plentiful network of people in the industry she then took her money and started to chase her dream. She started her own business promoting and marketing for local venues, eventually she began to invest into concerts, and started to coordinate her own events. Giving back to the community and helping those under privileged children as herself, she has also become a major part of a nonprofit organization mentoring children and showing them the many possibilities in the industry. All in the while, modeling for many local companies, and being noticed by nationwide companies has left her thirsty for more, and ready to come back out from behind the curtains to fulfill her dream and passion.

Modeled print for Source Magazine’s Digital Dimepeice, Black Label & True Ambition, Color U cosmetics, Secret Dreams Lingerie, The last Call Magazine, The MOshow bike calendar and soon to appear on the cover of Indiehype magazine. Appeared in websites such as’s 50’s most wanted, and RMV’s hustle bunnies. Did runway work for Barry Fletcher’s “Hair is Sensual” book and product release and Color U cosmetics make up show. I also did portfolio work with renowned photographers Keith Cephus, and Lee McDowell and posted on their websites next to celebrities such as Shemar Moore, Toni Braxton, & Allen Iverson.