Junior Reid music: Reggae pure form (with Junior Reid interview)

Junior Reid music: Reggae pure form (with Junior Reid interview)

Reggae music may come from Jamaica but it is truly the unified music genre for just about all Caribbean nations and simply beautiful music for the whole world. Unlike Hip Hop music it did not take off in the United States to become one of 2 or 3 most popular music styles. Yet just like Hip Hop music it is the music of people for the people. It has beautiful roots seeded deep in the Jamaican culture and talks about things that matter to everyone. From problems troubling countries on political and economic levels it talks about the fun things in life. Enjoying life is a skill and reggae serves up a beautiful mixture of dance, love and festivities all shining on people through its music.

There are few reggae artists well-known outside of the Caribbean world. Bob Marley was definitely the most popular and admired one in the West. Although he died at a very young age of 36 he spread reggae and Rastafari well beyond his home of Jamaica. Another one of the original reggae artists is Junior Reid. He recorded his first track at only 14 in the early years of his life and just as reggae was beginning to gain popularity. Like no other reggae artist since Marley he’s been recognized in the West. His group Black Uhuru was the first reggae band to win a Grammy just as Junior Reid joined it. He also saw an enormous collaboration roster of artists in the US. Wu-Tang, The Game, Mims, T-Pain, Jim Jones, Fat Joe, Fabulous, Rick Ross and several other artists had tracks together with Reid.

His new album will be released through his own JR Records and will include a lot more collaboration efforts with US Hip Hop artists like Snoop Dogg and Fat Joe. Junior Reid integrates his music with Hip Hop music with ease and has a long successful track record. His music is full of heart and soul. His lyrics address the same issues as always, politically, economically, socially and at the same time he always makes sure that his fans have a good time. Reid also has an impressive list of own work as a producer but he is a performer first. His songs radiate deep companionate vibes and his very presence on stage draws people into his world.

He sat down after a show in New York with Dmitriy from WORDSnTUNES to talk about his music, Jamaica and his upcoming album.

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