J*Davey’s menu: sex, love and music. You’re invited to it all.

J*Davey’s menu: sex, love and music. You’re invited to it all.

Somewhere between your dreams of love and sex and your diverse musical taste, comes J*Davey to serve you a mixture of emotions, beauty and music above all. From lust to broken hearts, from fun to monotone routine of days, it is all on this girl’s palette of performance drama. Sentiments of doubt and passion of belief drive Jack Davey to top her previous strides with every new lyric, every new movement, every new sexy/slutty motion to the new moment. What is this borsch of absurdity, you say? Or is this an actual unadulterated manifestation of a true artist? Did someone break her heart once and thus helped her get in touch with her untainted talents? Once or twice or never again or every single day over and over…

J*Davey’s sensual/angry/sexy collage of performance is no doubt worthy of all she gets. If it is pain that causes her emotional outbursts, then be it. If it is sex, then… she will serve it with a side of romance. If it is just an overabundance of the ‘I can’ factor, then it would be obvious why noone can wait to see what else she can do.

This slim sexy LA chic gives 100% on the stage. Pressing the mike against her face she almost makes love to it one minute. And right after she leans the mike stand in front of her screaming into the crowd in a rocker outburst. Keeping constant intensity in her eyes she watches the audience as she sings and the audience watches her.

Her counterpart, Brook D’Leau, is an almost still figure on the keyboards, pouring his feelings through the sounds of the electronic piano. Do not mistaken his laid-back appearance for apathy. Brook is a diverse artist with an ego of a drummer and music determination of a genuine performer.

What is that music? Is it Rock? Is it Soul? Is it Funk? Is it a jazzy blend of it all? J*Davey has performed with The Roots at Radio City Music Hall and with Marsha Ambrosius at SOBs. Is it a little bit of Hip Hop or R&B then? Yes, yes and yes. J*Davey is music for the privileged masses and it makes everyone privileged just listening to it.

Real music. Real feelings. Real words. Real entertainment.

Feel like you need a little bit of something new and fresh and… real? Say it with me. J*Davey.

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